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3 Reasons to Order a Free Lunar Demo

April 2015

Let the CRM do the Talking: 3 Reasons to Order a Free Lunar Demo

At Lunar CRM, we’re firm believers in trying everything once – from unusual cake ingredients to a Netflix account, everything deserves at least one chance.  Because it’s a colourful way to live life, we’ve also taken to encouraging our prospective clients and friends to live by the same rule – which is why we offer a free demo.

Lunar CRM’s bespoke CRM building service has seen us create dynamic, responsive software for a number of clients across different industries, and with so many features on offer and so much potential in each CRM solution, we’re understandably enthusiastic about showing off what our team and our services can do. There are a million reasons why you should try a free demo just once, but to save you some time, we’ve narrowed it down to four.


1. So Much More information

We’ve got so much we’d like to tell you about our bespoke CRM system – we could talk for days. But rather than overwhelm visitors to our site with imposing walls of text, we’d rather have an informal chat where your questions can be answered by an experienced member of our team. They’ll also be able to guide you through the Lunar CRM process, give you some exciting ideas for your tool and open your eyes to the intriguing world of bespoke CRM solutions.


2. Getting the right fit

The joys of a bespoke CRM solution come from it being completely shaped around your business, your team and your customers. To get a solution that’s perfect for you, it’s good to learn a little bit more about your business. A free Lunar demo gets the creative juices flowing for our team, and is a chance for them to be inspired by your business’ needs. Even if you’re still unsure about a bespoke solution, it’ll be useful to gauge what will work for your business and what won’t – which may even help you to make the decision between going bespoke or off the shelf.


3. A Chance to Hear from the Team

The Lunar CRM team are a friendly bunch, who are always ready to help and eager to welcome you on board with a smile – and what better way to get to know them than a demonstration? And don’t worry: simply add your details and they’ll do the rest, giving you a quick ring to chat about anything you’d like to know.


4. Fancy Features to Add Value

A bespoke CRM solution has the potential to be packed with so many fascinating features: we’ve got reporting, trends, insights and every type of chart imaginable (and still so much more). Our free demo is a chance to find out which features take your fancy and serve to add further value to the service you’re offering customers.


Interested in a free Lunar CRM demo to find out how we can help you with our bespoke CRM system? Simply head here and click request demo – or give us a ring on 0330 335 5330. We look forward to hearing from you!