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A high level management tool designed to provide you with "at a glance" reporting that keeps you up to date with real time performance. The dashboard can set with different information for different levels within the business – Senior Management, Managers, Team Leaders.

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Dashboard - Inline Reporting
Dashboard - Ad Hoc Reporting

Monitor KPI's

Monitor your key performance indicators such as sales revenue, contacts per hour, completions per month and much more...

Spot trends

Know how your business is trending and exactly where it's headed to.

Action insights

Get an in-depth insight into your business and understand your key actions.

Instant ROI

Let us help you to create your first dashboard and start to save time and money on monitoring your business.

Every kind of chart

Display a frequently used report inside your dashboard, detailing things such as the most recently received leads or the sales that have occurred in the last hour.

CRM ticker

Not enough reporting? Add the Lunar CRM Ticker service to your CRM and get a constant feed of information from anywhere on the CRM.

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