Dialler Integration

One click call

Having a fully integrated CRM and dialler makes for easy customer management. Work your cases through the Lunar CRM workflow and simply click on a telephone number to hear it dial out. At the end of the call simply click on the desired outcome to hang up. What could be simpler?

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Your dialler

The CRM can seamlessly integrate your existing dialler platform.

CloudCall Click

Don't worry if you haven't a dialler, we've teamed up with Synety to provide a cloud dialling solution. A hugh money saver!

Call recording

Listen to your call recording directly from the Lunar CRM.

Instant calls

Click a telephone number to instantly call the customer. There's no need to touch your telephone.

Save money

Save money by reduce the number of misdialled numbers and speeding up the time between calls.

Call history

Keep a full history of all calls made to a customer, including the length, outcome and even the call recording.

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