Third Party Integration

Easy stuff

The Lunar Team are specialist in integrating with third parties, providing you with a one stop shop for all your customer and lead management.

We have experience with all the leading data providers including; Efinity, Leadsense, Leadstream, Visionary Markets and many more.

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Quoting engines

Seamlessly integrate with insurance panels, mortgage lenders, loan companies and more, to provide your very own built in comparison engine.

Telephone platforms

Click a CRM number to start and stop a customer call. There’s no more need to manually dial with our fully integrated solutions.

Lead generators

Purchase customer data from a lead supplier and have it sent directly to your CRM in real-time.


Place our flexible website form inside of your site and have real-time leads delivered to your CRM.


Have an old or second CRM? Don’t worry, we’ve helped businesses to merge and synchronise data between systems. We’ve dealt with small, medium and corporate system moves.

SMS & Emails

Send emails and SMS messages directly from the CRM through direct integration with your mail server and your preferred SMS sender. We'll recommend one if you haven’t got one.

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