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4 Brilliant Reasons for Referring Lunar CRM

May 2015

4 Brilliant Reasons for Referring Lunar CRM

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you’ll know that the team at Lunar CRM are big fans of bespoke solutions to CRM needs – as are our clients. But have you considered that some of your contacts might also benefit from a bespoke CRM tool? If someone comes to mind, then you could be onto a winner by referring them to Lunar CRM. But what’s in it for you? We’ll tell you!


1. Proven Solution

Lunar CRM’s bespoke solutions have proven themselves time and again in a multitude of different industries, such as insurance, debt management and even organisations specialising in courier services. Our positive feedback from a whole host of clients demonstrates that you can trust Lunar CRM to fulfil your contact’s needs, and gives you piece of mind that you’ve made the right referral.


2. Bespoke – Built Your Way

A Lunar CRM solution is completely bespoke and built to the needs and specifications of our clients – or in this case, your friend/colleague/business associate. Our solutions actively address issues affecting business performance, all the while empowering teams to make strategic, long-term decisions. In short, our solutions fit every business because they’re built for that business.


3. Incentives for You

Of course, there’s also the incentives from us! Each successful referral is rewarded with a great commission. You can expect to receive 15% of the revenue earned from each customer you refer to us, for the complete lifetime of their account. The payment is made regularly, on a monthly basis, and serves as an extra income for your business.


4. Build Relationships

Finally, not only are we benefiting by creating new relationships through our clients’ referrals, but there’s also the opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your contact. Lunar CRM’s high quality solutions, combined with our friendly team and high success rate means that you’ll be building a trusting relationship with your contact – all without breaking a sweat!


Interested in referring a contact to Lunar CRM? Full terms and conditions are available on request. Simply get in touch and start earning extra revenue sooner than you would have thought possible!