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9 Reasons You Should be Using a CRM

April 2015

LunarCRM: 9 Reasons You Should be Using a CRM

When starting up efforts to keep track of customers and activity, some organisations are happy to rely on an excel spreadsheet. The humble spreadsheet, however, is limited in what it’s able to achieve – it’ll never be a CRM, no matter how many functions you managed to include. Finding yourself heading into double figured columns is the red flag you need to warn you that it’s time to use a CRM. If that doesn’t work, then we’ve also put together 9 other great reasons why you should be using a CRM instead.


1. It’s Updated Automatically

A major downside of spurning a CRM is that data must be uploaded and kept updated manually. This isn’t just a strain on time, however: you can often find yourself doubting the numbers – especially if you’re not sure when your data was last saved. Instead, sit back and relax as data is updated automatically.


2. Data is Easier to Analyse

When it comes to analysing data, Excel spreadsheets have their limits. If you’re in need of quickly identifying key trends and analysis of a large amount of data, you may find yourself scrolling endlessly through row upon row of information. With a CRM, features are available which allow users to analyse all of their data for specific metrics – all at the drop of a hat, and presented clearly.


3. Central Database for Your Team

Emails are a fantastic means of communication which still have a place in modern business, but the fact is: they’re not centralised. While information is darting about between team members via email, the bigger picture is becoming more and more blurry. With a centralised system, employees can simply log in, check records and carry on again.


4. Measure Success

When you’re in possession of a large amount of data which constantly needs updating, it can be difficult to highlight specific projects, their successes and their failings. By employing a CRM with analytical abilities, it becomes far easier to communicate to your team what aspects of a project need changing and what is working well.


5. Access to Historical Data

With data being sent via email and manually updated spreadsheets (which are open to deletion or errors when saving), it can be difficult to access historical data. Easy upload to your new CRM means that all historical data is accessible to your team right away.


6. Security on the Cloud

A singular spreadsheet – even when saved on a file sharing site such as Drop Box – can be deleted, misused or become corrupted. The result is lost data, lost hours and lost service. A Cloud-based CRM offers strong protection and remote accessibility to your team.


7. Increased Efficiency & Productivity

The return on investment for a CRM is evident in the amount of time it frees up for teams. By streamlining processes, cutting out the need for manual updating and centralising data, teams can become more productive and more efficient – they get more done, and they do it in better time.


8. Creates Better Internal Communication

A CRM offers a secure, solid communication structure which prevents lost or missed emails and allows the team to stay in touch with each other, their clients and client data.


9. Build Strong Customer Relationships

By freeing up time spent on various processes, your team has the opportunity to spend more time nurturing relationships between your business and its clients. This can prove to be invaluable as a means of retaining and upselling clients.


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