A Big Saving

August 2022

A Big Saving: Four Ways A Bespoke CRM Can Save You Big Bucks

It’s always good to know where your money’s going. As a business owner you need to know everything about your company’s outgoings, so you can make financially sound decisions moving forward.

However sometimes it can seem like everything is adding up to be too much. That’s where a bespoke CRM solution comes in handy – rather than paying for several different services and software packages, with a bespoke CRM solution you can have everything in one place, and save money in the process.

Let’s look at four ways that Lunar CRM can do just that… 


1. Reduced IT Costs

Gone are the days when a business’ CRM needed to be hosted securely on an in-office server or installed onto everybody’s computers individually. Now, thanks to the Cloud, server running costs have been eradicated, and no software needs to be installed, instantly freeing up some space in your IT budget. All this, and your users get to benefit from better access to the tool they need to do their job successfully – anytime, anywhere in the world.


2. Compare Suppliers

Whilst developing our bespoke CRM solution, the Lunar team have been working hard to implement features which can help our clients to live easier lives. One such feature – and an aspect of our CRMs which has been greeted with much praise from clients – is the ability for your solution to instantly compare different suppliers. The result is a recommendation for a supplier which could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds. Now, outsourcing work or contracting for a service doesn’t need to be something you put aside to appease the budget.


3. Free Up Capacity

As the saying goes, time is money – and it’s never been more accurate than in the business world. Whether you realise it or not, every minute of your team’s time has a monetary value assigned to it. When they’re overworked or bogged down by clunky operations or small, complicated projects which aren’t paying well, then their time is being used properly. By introducing a bespoke CRM to tidy up processes, keep them on track and streamline workflow, you’ll be opening up their capacity to the point where they can undertake more valuable and higher stakes work without compromising on quality. Make their time count! 


4. Facilitates Growth

Every business owner has an ambition for their company – whether it’s to eventually sell or grow to gargantuan proportions – and a tool which can help each owner to reach their goals is invaluable. When it comes to growth, our bespoke CRM boasts the ability to give owners all the tools they need to make strategic decisions about the direction of the company. These decisions lead to the organisation’s growth, and can be supported by features such as workflow management or instant, detailed reporting. And with greater growth comes greater revenue! You’ll be shooting for the stars in no time.

See how Lunar CRM could save you both time and money in running your business. Simply get in touch to find out more and try a free demo.