A Gift For Everyone

December 2020

A Gift for Everyone: 5 Tips to Give Your Customers What They Want This Christmas

Christmas can be a bit of a stressful time, but we think 2020 has been stressful enough.

Keep your customers happy this holiday season with the gift of quality customer service. Nothing better ensures customer loyalty, making for a more stress-free Christmas for everyone. So, with that in mind, here’s some handy advice from the Lunar team to help keep your customers happy this Christmas.


1. Calm and Collected

It’s a hectic season for everybody, which means that tempers can fray even in the jolliest of work environments. As such, ensure your team are taking inspiration from the humble candy cane in being both sweet and keeping their cool – even when customers aren’t doing the same. You’ll often find that resolving issues is much easier when a level-head is kept, and team members who can continue to treat customers with respect even when it’s a struggle are more likely to retain even the biggest Grinch. 


2. Be Organised

It’s a season full of spare wrapping paper trimmings, decorations everywhere and a mile-long gift list: there’s chaos everywhere! That doesn’t, however, mean that your business needs to be chaotic. Taking some time to prepare for the season in advance and using all the tools at your disposal can help ensure things run smoothly. A bespoke CRM, for example, can help to set goals, keep employees on track, and manage customers – all without breaking a sweat.


3. Be Contactable

Forget the silent night this Christmas: your customers need to know that they can contact you when needed. That means making sure your social media is active and your customer service team are receptive – both of which will save you from accusations of vanishing over the holidays.


4. Keep Them in the Loop

Closing for Christmas? Changed your customer service help desk hours? Invoices due over the Christmas lockdown? Let your customers know what’s going on, keeping them happy and aware. Whether it’s a social media post or a full communication campaign using cloud dialling and your bespoke CRM, you’ll be doing the business a huge favour by being clear.


5. Share Insights

One of the most important things to remember in customer service is to make the customer feel looked after – something which isn’t always possible when they’ve interacted with multiple members of the team.

At Christmas, this problem and the frustration it causes can be magnified, leading to some serious fallings out. To pre-empt the negativity, use reports, call logging and cloud capabilities in your bespoke CRM to share insights between team members, giving everyone the same complete picture around each customer.

The result? Every customer feels like they’re being taken care of as an individual, and the team can deliver what’s at the top of every customers’ list this Christmas: the best service possible.

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