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A Perfect Partnership

April 2017

A Perfect Partnership: The Six Essential Elements of a Bespoke CRM

When it comes to creating CRMs for our clients, the Lunar team are well-versed in what makes for a perfect pairing. Much more than simply flashy designs and exciting plug-ins, a bespoke CRM should incorporate a number of essential elements in order to bring the most benefit to a business. During our time working with clients from a range of industries and sizes, we’ve come to understand what those essential elements are (and we’re not keeping it a secret):


1. Customer Management

We’ll start with the most obvious on our list – it is, after all, in the name ‘CRM’. That being said, a successful bespoke CRM solution will have the capabilities to upload and maintain vast amounts of customer data – including the assignment of tasks, a record of contact made, important documents, and of course, their contact information. Without comprehensive customer management features, a bespoke CRM has little use.


2. Customer Support

Managing your customers’ data is one thing, but managing the relationship is another. That’s why businesses need to have access to a system which can log, track and assign calls, preferably without even having to pick up the phone. Lunar’s bespoke tool, for example, provides users with a click-to-call feature, reducing the steps taken to staying in touch with a client.


3. Automated Contact

Automation is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives, and a bespoke CRM is no exception. Businesses should be able to schedule in follow up text messages, marketing emails and important reminders – all with a few clicks. If they can, the result is a massive time saving for everybody involved.


4. Interaction Tracking

With the advent of social media – and the ability to publicly decry poor customer service – businesses have never felt so much pressure when it comes to ensuring customers don’t fall between the cracks. By tracking each customer’s individual interactions and sharing the information between the team, companies can guarantee that no customer is left behind; that should be an easy task for the right bespoke CRM.


5. Lead Management

There’s nothing more rewarding than a hot incoming lead – just as there’s nothing more disappointing than when that lead is never followed up. That’s why a strong lead management feature is essential when building your bespoke CRM solution. With lead management, your team can assign leads to different individuals, all the while making sure that no potential new business is missed.


6. Live Reporting

Finally, let’s end on a note of importance. Your bespoke CRM solution has the potential to be a fantastic tool which supports your team, their efforts, and their customers. But there’s much more to a CRM’s impact on your business than that. By providing live reporting – with in-depth data analysis available at any time, with just a few clicks – a bespoke CRM has the ability to play an important role in how you actually run your business; it provides a glance at the bigger picture. With such a tool on your side, strategies can be formulated and growth measured – all without breaking a sweat.

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