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A Sky High Love Story

February 2018

A Sky-High Love Story: 5 Ways the Cloud Has Improved Customer-Brand Relationships

Here at Lunar HQ, the love for the cloud is very real. Not only has it changed how businesses run and improved their offering, but it’s also helped us and our clients to grow closer to customers.

Our love story isn’t unique, either. Thanks to cloud technology, customers and brands are enjoying a much stronger relationship, with the former feeling more connected and happier than ever before, and the latter in more control over how customers perceive their business.

But how did this come to be? What is it about cloud technology that played Cupid in a time of vocal opinions and Twitter? We’ve got the answers:


1. Better Communication Between the Team

As mentioned above, cloud technology – such as a bespoke CRM – has changed how businesses run behind the scenes. One massive area to feel the impact of the cloud is communication, with employees now able to swap information with one another with ease.

For customers, this negates the frustration of calling for help, asking about a claim or following up on a product order, only to be told that there’s no record available, or that the team member dealing with that query isn’t available.

With the cloud keeping employees connected, everybody can be clued in on a query no matter where they are in the world, allowing the process to remain personal no matter who is dealing with the customer. 


2. Made it Possible to Make Call Centres Local

In the past, many businesses turned to call centres outsourced abroad in order to manage skyrocketing costs whilst still maintaining good customer service. Better communication, however, means that staff can be located locally, elsewhere in Britain or abroad without the fear of workplace costs.

This can really put a smile on the faces of customers who are after a personal and local service in order to feel like they’re a priority.


3. Decreased Costs in Servers and Equipment

It’s not just office costs which have racked up, either: traditional customer service equipment, onsite servers, physical software and IT support can all add up to a substantial amount of money. Hosting a customer service solution on the cloud, however, removes the need for physical servers, software installation and onsite IT support. Say goodbye to CDs and overheating server stacks!

With all those extra savings, businesses can instead invest in additional staff, more customer service training, or even improved services to keep their customers happy.


4. Made it Possible to Harness Better Technology

As the cloud has grown in popularity, so too has it grown in uses and applications. By embracing the cloud, businesses are opening themselves up to technologies which can take their customer service offering further than ever before.

Such solutions include bespoke CRMs, call-to-click facilities, and more reliable hardware. Not to mention the plethora of third party applications that can be plugged into cloud-based bespoke CRM tools, offering organisations the chance to elevate their offering beyond the competition’s reach.


5. Made Customer Service Available Around the Clock

The cloud has redefined our working lives: it’s no longer necessary to be 9-5, and when it comes to customer service, it especially pays to be attentive to your customers’ needs around the clock.

With the cloud supporting different solutions and applications, it’s now possible for customers to contact businesses at any time – day or night – and be answered by a professional, either locally or elsewhere. This is especially true with a cloud-based bespoke CRM offering improved communication and access to data anywhere, anytime.

By embracing the cloud and all it has to offer, you can show your customers how much they mean to you, all whilst improving your business and saving some money. To us, that sounds like a love story for the ages!

We love watching the relationships between brands and customers flourish thanks to our bespoke cloud-based CRM solution. To find out more – and to see for yourselves how it can strengthen the bond between you and your customers – get in touch to arrange a free demo.