A Spring Clean

March 2022

A Spring Clean: Is Your CRM Doing its Job?

When it comes to cleaning up your business, your CRM should be a focal point. Your CRM is the most effective tool you can use towards helping your business reach the goals you’ve set. It’s also vital for supporting future growth and keeping both customers and employees happy.
So, is your CRM doing its job, or is it time for a clean-up? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself about your CRM.


1. Are You Keeping Customers Happy?

Your customers pay your bills, they keep your business going, so keeping them happy should always be a main focus for your business. After all, they’re every bit as important as the people that help you run your business. If your off-the-shelf CRM isn’t helping you to foster and develop lasting relationships with customers, then it’s not allowing you to reap the true benefits of loyalty. 


2. Are Your Employees and Teams Happy? 

We’ll say this loud for the people at the back; ask your team if they’re happy!

Morale is a huge part of ensuring your team is working to their best. If they don’t feel valued or are struggling to get to grips with a new software or complicated off-the-shelf CRM, your team can become despondent and frustrated. That means reduced productivity and your investments dropping in value.

There’s also the case for using your CRM to maximize employee opportunities, such as remote working or streamlining tedious tasks to help them focus better and be happier – is this happening in your organisation?


3. Are You Making Good Use of Your CRM?

Do you feel like you’re seeing a good return of investment on your CRM? Are you regularly using all of its features? Is it supporting your team and their roles? There are potentially two outcomes your answers may reveal: there’s much more you could ask of your bespoke CRM solution, or that the features present aren’t tailored to your needs. 


4. Are You Paying a Fair Price?

How much is your CRM costing you? When you answer that question, remember to include the costs you might not immediately think about: managing onsite servers, utility bills, physical equipment, support costs etc. Weigh up if there are better suited options, such as a cloud base CRM tool. 


Did You Answer ‘No’?

Answering the above questions honestly will help you to build up an idea of what needs to be tweaked about your CRM: do you need some extra support? Is a cloud-based bespoke option better for your bottom line? Can you achieve everything you want to achieve with an off-the-shelf solution?

Armed with this information, you can take the necessary steps needed to get the most out of your CRM and your team, just in time for summer!

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