A Year to Remember

January 2022

A Year to Remember: 5 Resolutions to Make 2022 Your Year for Business

Chances are, come January 1st you already had your 2018 New Year’s resolution in mind, be it to lose weight, learn a new skill or simply to look after yourself better. But have you considered giving your business its own set of resolutions to see it through the next twelve months, and ensure that it grows to new heights by the end of the year?

With so many potential business resolutions to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got some ideas for you below, all of which require small, manageable changes to encourage bigger successes. Enjoy! 


1. Stay Focused

Britain has a well-publicised productivity problem, and at least some of the blame for that can be attributed to modern day distractions and lack of direction. This year, make your business stand out and resolve to keep your team focused – set goals, but keep them attainable and manageable. It’s all well and good saying X% increase in productivity and sales, but if the figure you’ve requested is based purely on a desire for growth without any consideration for feasibility then your team will lose focus. Keep it realistic to stay productive and focused.


2. Become a Modern Workplace 

For some businesses, old habits die hard, with employees expected to be working from their desk 5 days a week. In contrast, new recruits are drawn to the allure of a modern office. Don’t let that fool you, though: they’re more interested in remote working and opportunities to upskill than beanbags and pool tables! Providing these conditions will empower you to hire fresh new talent in 2022.


3. Promote Better Communication

Leave crossed wires and similar issues behind in 2020 by fostering better communication between your employees, and between the company and its clients. Not only will this enable everybody to be more productive, it’ll help the business to run a lot smoother without the stress of missed information.


4. Make Customers Happy 

This seems like an impossibly large task when we promised you small changes above, but you can achieve customer happiness simply by making it a key goal for the year. If each of your team has this in mind when implementing any decision, the customer will be placed front and centre, with their needs guiding the company.


5. Embrace new technology

Last year was filled with technical marvels, and 2022 is likely to follow suit. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, it’s essential to embrace new technology and the possibilities on offer, including Cloud computing, up to date machines for your team, and even new marketing platforms.


The Key to Success

When you resolve to lose weight, you might find yourself signing up for a gym membership; likewise, when you want to learn a new skill, you could invest in a musical instrument or artist materials. The above resolutions are no different: you need the right tools by your side in order to succeed.

In their case, all of these resolutions can be achieved by embracing a bespoke CRM tool. You can help to simplify workflows, create clear goals, and foster better communication and so much more, all by introducing this technology to your business – yes, that means you can tick off number five too!

So, if you’re looking for a way to implement the changes which will take your business further in 2022, here’s your starting point. And if you need a tool to make it the whole thing a piece of cake, look no further than a bespoke CRM solution. Good luck!

Happy New Year from the whole team at Lunar CRM! We reckon that 2022 will be the year of the bespoke CRM, so what are you waiting for? Get involved and explore our website, or contact us to arrange a free demo and make 2022 one to remember.