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All For One

July 2017

All For One: How a Bespoke CRM Can Help Align Your Team with Your Goals

As with any success in life, to win at business, you need to have goals to work towards. But once you’ve conceived of your business’ goals, what’s to keep your team from heading off-track, or putting different priorities ahead of the business’?

Ensuring your team’s individual roles are aligned with your business’ goals is an important factor in harnessing their potential, but it’s a daunting task. Unless, of course, you have a bespoke CRM solution to hand.


Keep Everybody on the Same Page

A bespoke CRM is designed to keep everybody together – whether it’s through Cloud-based communication, or just by sharing data across teams. That makes it the perfect partner to your team alignment strategy, and if you work your business’ goals into the CRM, it can very easily steer your team towards shared objectives.


Instant In-Depth Reports

One way a bespoke CRM tool can do this, is by offering businesses the chance to produce instant reports and drill down into analytics further than any off-the-shelf solution. What’s more, users can create a snapshot of the business’ current progress at any time.

By properly applying this feature, business owners can analyse exactly where the business is headed at any given moment. In addition, they can identify what the short and long-term priorities are, before conveying those priorities to the team.



Communication and feedback are important tools when managing any team, but are especially essential in aligning goals. Employees need to receive feedback on their efforts, and employers need to know that the right areas are being worked on, in line with the above use of priorities.

Analysing the business’ running through the bespoke CRM empowers employers and managers to move their team in the right direction and towards the same goals, with evidence to back up decisions and observations.


Built to Their Needs

As suggested in the name, a bespoke CRM solution is built around your business’ needs. When undergoing the process of introducing a bespoke CRM to the organisation, there’s a clear opportunity for business owners to ask employees what features are necessary for them to succeed in their assigned roles and achieve the organisation’s shared goals.

From here, the bespoke CRM becomes an integral tool in how the business moves towards its objectives, and keeps employees on track by giving them the tools they require from day one.


How Can We Benefit from Aligning People & Goals?

But before you dive into putting your bespoke CRM at the centre of your business, you might be wondering what exactly all this effort is for and what it can achieve. In truth, aligning your team with the business’ overall goals is the only way to ensure that everybody within the organisation is moving towards a common goal as one.

When that happens, businesses experience higher growth, more frequent successes, and can develop an organic company culture - the latter of which can be used for future recruitment and encouraging employee happiness. Businesses can also be sure that employees are spending their time on the highest priorities, helping employers to get their money’s worth and customers to be attended to in good time.

The purpose of aligning everyone with the business’ goals, then, is to create a business that grows, succeeds, and moves forward together – and who wouldn’t want that?

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