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All Smiles

August 2017

All Smiles: 7 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Make Your Team Happier

When it comes to introducing a new resource into the business, results can sometimes be a bit mixed – even more so when those results are whether or not your team are happy with the change. Unfortunately, this is a challenge that comes part and parcel with running a business. That’s why we always recommend talking to your team before introducing a new process or solution, in order to get them on side and make sure the entire venture is an unmitigated success.

When it comes to a bespoke CRM tool, however, we can guarantee it’s going to be difficult to not see a happy change in  your team’s morale – here’s why.


1. Simpler Workflow

Immediately, a bespoke CRM makes its mark on your employees’ lives by revolutionising how they work. From day one, they can enjoy a much simpler workflow, built into the system and assisted by automation. No more complicated processes, and a whole lot less hair tearing.


2. More Time to Invest

With a simplified workflow comes the resource you simply can’t get enough of: time. Employees will have the additional time they need to focus on other projects, complete their workload, or invest in other areas. Without the dreaded pile of work waiting for them on Monday mornings, the weekends have got their joy back, and evenings are seldom used to finish a few final tasks.


3. Less Stress

Before we move on, it’s important to recognise the importance of relieving your team from this level of stress. With a better chance at managing their work-life balance, and automated processes keeping them on track at work, your employees are bound to feel a lot happier. In turn, the workplace environment will become a happier place to be, and productivity is never far behind a happy workforce.


4. Better Connectivity

One of the huge cornerstones of business in the 21st century is the idea of remote working. A bespoke CRM solution acknowledges this and makes it happen by providing teams with better connectivity. This means no worrying about having to wait until Monday morning to sort something urgent: the CRM can be accessed from home. Likewise, it opens up businesses to introducing remote working opportunities, as the team are able to work and share information together from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection.


5. Clearer Direction

Thanks to live reporting, you and your team can get a snapshot of the business at any given moment. For the team, this means they’re able to see what direction the business is going in, providing a great level of transparency and clear goals. Now they know exactly how their work affects the business’ strategy, and that in turn encourages a much closer relationship between you and your team.


6. Professional Success

Used correctly, a bespoke CRM doesn’t just have to be a tool for the business’ success: an employee who uses the CRM to the best of its ability stands to gain a great level of professional success in return – paving the way for progression within the business and greater customer relationships.


7. Built Around Them

Finally, you can see a smile on your team’s face before they’ve even got their bespoke CRM solution – because they’ll be able to provide their input from an early stage! Packed with features built around their own worries, tasks and challenges, the bespoke CRM will have your team in mind. Not only do they know their lives are about to get easier, but they can also be happy knowing that you asked for their input and included it in the final product.

There are plenty of reasons to smile with a bespoke CRM at your disposal, so why not give it a whirl? Get in touch with Lunar CRM to enjoy a free demo or ask any questions you may have. And in the meantime, keep on smiling!