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Back to School

September 2016

Back to School: 3 Lessons to Learn from Your Bespoke CRM

September has managed to creep up on us quickly this year, bringing an end to the summer holidays for children up and down the country. This year, however, Team Lunar decided that maybe parents should be heading back to the classroom as well – we can tell how excited you are about that prospect! So without further ado, class is in session. Today’s topic? Bespoke CRMs, of course!


Lesson One: Remote Working Can Be Implemented Successfully

For many employers, teams requesting to be able to work from home or outside of the normal working environment has started to become commonplace – and those that reject the idea are rapidly running out of excuses! Aside from procrastination, the main reasons employers don’t embrace remote working are the limitations on data access, and communication issues.

Simply put, remote working seemingly puts distance between the team beyond just geography. The truth, however, is a very different matter. As the world has embraced more and more social technology, individuals have become more welcoming of using such apps to stay in touch with clients and co-workers. Lunar’s bespoke CRMs allow individuals in the team to always be in touch with one another. Plus - thanks to its positioning on the Cloud – Lunar’s CRM solution also has the advantage of making data accessible to anybody within the team who has an internet connection.

Obviously we can’t stop them from procrastinating, but the tools are there to manage workload, monitor productivity, share data and keep the team close together – no matter how far apart they are!


Lesson Two: Reporting Doesn’t Have to Be Time Consuming

This is a short but thoroughly important lesson to learn. Too many businesses spend long amounts of time preparing reports for clients, partners and key stakeholders, all ‘by hand’. Not only is time an issue, but humn errors can also undermine the integrity of a report. The result is a messy, time-consuming, and factually incorrect document which could have a greater knock-on effect further down the line.

Inevitably, a bespoke CRM tool has this issue in the bag. We’ve developed our solutions to come with a built-in reporting system like no other. Now your team can quickly and efficiently pull data rich, up to date reports from the CRM at any time of the day, without ever having to lift a finger. The benefits speak for themselves: hours can be saved, headaches can be prevented, and businesses receive reports which can help to steer the organisation to success. Everybody wins!


Lesson Three: Bespoke is the More Flexible Option

Of course there are a number of off-the-shelf solutions available for businesses looking for a CRM fix – in fact there are dozens you could download right now. The downside to having all this choice? None of these off-the-shelf solutions are built to fit your business and grow alongside it. That can often mean adapting a CRM to your needs or simply wasting money by paying for features you’ll never use.

A bespoke CRM, however, opens up a whole world of possibility. Here’s a solution which can change with your business, provide in-depth reports capable of supporting important decisions, and be constantly improved upon by integrating with your favourite third party apps. The name really is in the title, and a bespoke CRM is completely tailored to your business’ needs – no more wasted functionality!

Looking for extra credit? Brush up with our free demo and get top marks with your very own bespoke CRM solution – simply get in touch to get started!