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Big Smiles

May 2018

Big Smiles: 5 Ways Bespoke CRMs Can Make Employees Happier

CRMs have come a long way in recent years, and their popularity has a lot to do with how they can help businesses to streamline their operations and help them to succeed. But despite their growing reputation as the go-to tool for 21st century businesses, many are still hesitant to embrace what’s on offer.

That could change, however, when they discover that it’s not just the practical aspect of a bespoke CRM which makes it so beneficial to businesses: it can also make for much happier employees.

As it’s Mental Health Awareness week, we’ve decided to put together just a few examples of how a bespoke CRM can help to put a smile on the faces of your employees - and you know what they say: a happy employee is a productive employee, so there’s no telling what you could achieve!


Less Stress

Although spending 40 hours a week at work sounds like a lot of time, in reality there often aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything a growing business needs doing done. This can lead to employees of smaller companies on the cusp of greatness feeling burnt out and stressed – which is no good when you’re trying to expand!

Thankfully, automation is a popular addition to bespoke CRMs. By automating smaller tasks through the CRM – such as creating reports or emailing customer reminders – employees can be relieved of a lot of pressure, freeing up their time and making for happier individuals.


Remote Working Remedy

Sometimes, we can feel exhausted by our careers and the drudgery of 9-5. It’s natural to feel that way, but it doesn’t have to be a feeling that employees must get used to. Instead, a bespoke CRM solution provides us with opportunities to support remote working within our organisations.

Through cloud hosting and expert maintenance, a bespoke CRM tool is flexible and sturdy enough to support a business’ remote working efforts, allowing members of the team to communicate with one another and ensuring 24/7 access.


Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication can also be a source of stress within the workplace – especially if it’s difficult to get in touch with other members of a team, or if current remote working schemes don’t have much in the way of communication capabilities.

A bespoke CRM, however, can keep all members of the team on the same page, able to communicate wherever they are. This not only helps to remove the stress caused by poor communication, but also ensures that employees don’t feel alone or isolated, whether they’re working from the office, at home, or on a beach.


Straightforward Processes

Nobody likes complicated processes – they can lead to frustration, confusion, anger and even resignations when such processes impact upon somebody’s work. That’s why it’s key to streamline processes as much as possible.

This can be achieved by automating some processes, making for a slicker journey from point A to point B, or simply by investing in a system which can support these processes and do most of the hard work for your team. Such a system might actually end up managing the bulk of your processes for you.


Contagious Smiles

When a bespoke CRM solution is introduced into the workplace, the issues mentioned above can be alleviated, making for happier employees. But the magic in all this is that even if it only makes one employee outwardly happier, it’s a still a job well done.

That’s not just because every employee is important and their happiness should be strived for, but because their positive attitude then has the potential to inspire others in their team to be happier, with the CRM on hand to support their work.

Put a smile on your employees’ faces every week of the year with a bespoke CRM solution built to make them happier. To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch to book a free demo.