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Breaking the Mould

June 2016

Breaking the Mould: How Lunar Helped a Life Insurance Firm to Craft Their Ideal Solution

In a market as competitive and long-lasting as life insurance, it pays to be ahead of the competition and on top of your operational efforts. Some firms approach this strategy with an off-the-shelf solution, however they soon find that they’re restricted by a lack of features or technical limitations. Previously, Team Lunar had the pleasure of working with a life insurance firm who simply couldn’t find the singular solution they needed to boost their operational efforts - here’s how we helped…


What Was the Issue?

When we met our client, they were actively searching for an off-the-shelf solution which would provide them with the process-boosting super powers they so desperately needed in order to improve their workflow and the customer journey. For this client, that meant a solution which encompassed customer management, workflow management, MI reporting, documentation and a life insurance quoting platform – it may sound like a lot, but in reality they weren’t shooting for the moon!

In addition to the features our client needed for operational success, their ideal CRM tool also had to adapt to their ever-growing business - and as you may know if you’ve encountered an off-the-shelf solution before, they rarely live up to this ambition.


How Did Lunar Help?

Lunar’s Development Team quickly set to work on collaborating with our client to fully process map their individual business needs. Once these were pinned down, we partnered with Avelo Exchange to integrate their whole of market Life Assurance Quoting Platform into Lunar’s bespoke CRM.

By integrating bespoke functionality into the CRM, our team was able to enhance the final product to the point where the solution became the one-stop-shop that our client was always searching for.


How Did the Client Benefit from This?

With greater operational control and a streamlined business process supported by a singular solution (with everything included in one place), our client could instead focus on growing their business and staying one step ahead in a competitive market. In addition to the growth opportunities afforded by an all-in-one tool, our client also saw greater reductions in operational costs and customers who were more satisfied with their journey – which are always great side effects of a brilliant bespoke CRM!


How Can This Help Your Business?

Every business wants to grow, but there are usually overcomplicated processes and unconventional requirements holding them back. If this sounds all too familiar, then a bespoke CRM with third party integrations could be exactly what you’re looking for - streamlining processes, providing a smoother customer journey and freeing up the funds your business needs to grow. So what are you waiting for? Break the mould today with a bespoke CRM from Team Lunar!

Give your customers the reassurance of great life insurance - get in touch to learn more about how Lunar can take company efficiency to the moon and back, starting with a personalised demo!