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Cloud based CRM Critical

March 2014

Here’s why Cloud based CRMs are critical for business growth

You save money

Installing a Cloud based CRM lowers your capital expenditure because there’s no need to keep buying and maintaining expensive hardware. Your data is hosted on high performance systems and automatically updated, so all you have to concentrate on is improving your products and services to keep your customers coming back!

Cloud based services also give you the opportunity to reduce staff in areas of server and application management, which means you can save money on staff salaries and start to develop your business in different areas, maximising your profit.


It’s easy to use

There’s no need to confuse yourself with ordering new software and installing it because that’s your provider’s job. They’ll take care of the complicated processes and manage them for your company - saving you valuable business time.

We all know that sometimes there’s no escaping a problem or two, however time delays are a thing of the past because cloud based software is accessible by technicians who will have you up and running in no time.


You can access your data on-the-go!

Away from the office? With a cloud based CRM you can manage your business anywhere with an internet connection, and let’s face it that’s just about anywhere nowadays. So if you’ve got a bit of spare time outside office hours - access your CRM and get on top of your workload.

CRM software in the cloud significantly increases efficiency and sales for your company as customer response time is significantly reduced.


It’s good to share

Data sharing is no problem because centralization enables you to assign permissions to a group of people to read the CRM results, in addition to yourself. You don’t need to toggle between programs or send separate messages to people; all you need is the cloud to access the software.

You can also personalise the CRM package according to your business size, giving everyone in your organization access to your products and services.


Bigger data storage capacity

You’re free of finite capacity constraints which means data storage is no longer an issue. This saves you the expense of buying extra storage hardware to cope with spiralling data requirements.

Cost-efficient data storage and data sharing systems also make processes like backup and archiving easy for your business.


Collaboration is key

This is the key to business success and with the cloud it’s definitely achievable. With the current influx of laptops, tablets and mobile phones, employees use their own devices more than ever. A Cloud based CRM gives companies the ability to support and manage staff wanting to access business systems and applications on the move from their own device.


Finally, the cloud is environmentally friendly!

Being a cloud based user means you’ll be well on your way to becoming a paper free office, giving you the chance to cut down on printing costs. So there’s no need to house large servers and desktops, which is not only kinder to the environment but it saves you critical office space.