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Data Driven

January 2020

Data Driven: Using your Bespoke CRM to Boost Business Strategy

Your bespoke CRM solution is an incredibly useful tool to help inform your business decisions. With that data available to you with a bespoke CRM, you can inform your business’ strategy for years in advance.

With all that in mind, the Lunar Team have some great ideas for using the data within you bespoke CRM to inform your business strategy.


Historical Reports

When it comes to seeing the future, you need to understand the past. Take full advantage of your bespoke CRM’s report building features and base your strategies on the facts and figures or your business’ past. Analyse what has been successful for your business so far, what hasn’t worked and understand how to put that to use in your business’ strategy. Maintaining the data contained within your CRM will ensure you can build the best strategy for your business.


Identify Where to Improve

The most useful thing you can do with the data contained within your CRM is identify where you need to make improvements. Look for clues in customer feedback or periods of low sales as indicators of where you could improve your strategy. You could even look inward to identify periods of time where your team were struggling to complete tasks. Identifying these areas to improve will be crucial in informing your business strategy.


Set Realistic Goals

After studying the history of your business with your CRM’s historic reports, it’s time to look to the future by setting some goals. Set goals realistically, based on the historical progress of your sales, customer satisfaction and workflow – identify the timing of growth to accurately predict future growth. Keep your team in the loop when setting these goals, taking on board their input based on their own experience with different areas of your business, so everyone can work towards keeping different departments of your business moving in the same direction.


Real-Time Reporting

Creating a strategy using historical data and setting goals is the first step. However, to keep your strategy effective it needs to be “living”, so you need to keep adapting it as you move forward. Not everything can be planned for, and a strict strategy doesn’t leave room for adaptability. Allow your strategy to have that adaptability by allowing for review dates. At these review points in your strategy, make the most of your bespoke CRM’s real-time reports to gain an up-to-date insight in to your business, the direction it’s going in and where you could still be improving. Be sure to take in to account current customer feedback and the time frame of tasks your team are dealing with to identify areas to improve as you move forward.

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