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Delivering Success

June 2015

Delivering Success: How Bespoke CRM Tools Benefit Courier Services

When thinking about what kind of businesses may employ a customer relations management tool, courier services probably don’t come immediately to mind. The reality, however, is that courier businesses are often among those most in need of a CRM solution fit for their purposes. Lunar CRM has had plenty of previous experience delivering an integrated, bespoke solution to courier services, giving us a unique perspective on how to best solve the issues faced. This week, we’ll be taking a look at what those challenges are and how a bespoke CRM tool helped our courier client to improve their offering.


What was the Issue?

With a large number of documents being delivered to an even wider array of customers, our client was struggling to manage and control the finer details of each appointment - they regularly asked themselves if appointments were being kept, whether or not the correct document was going to the designated location and if their customers were happy.


How did Lunar Help?

Planning is everything – and provides a roadmap to keep systems running smoothly. Our first task was to carry out an end-to-end process mapping in order to identify key system points. These points – or milestones – could then be used to update clients on what was happening with each booked appointment. Our CRM kept updated with each of these points, and was able to alert the client’s management team in the event of a missed or late milestone.


How did the Client Benefit from This?

The immediate – and most obvious – result from this new system was greater operational control over the entire business. For the first time in a long while, management were able to see the entire journey for each document – including where each appointment was, what areas need improvement and which couriers were on schedule. The CRM enforced the client’s processes and ensured the correct documents were being delivered and tracked.


What was the Final Result?

Better overall performance of individual couriers led to vastly improved customer relations, allowing our client to inspire loyalty in their service offering, all the while being able to steer the company in the right direction with a CRM at the helm.


How can this Help Your Business?

You don’t have to strictly be couriering professional documents to get the most out of this solution – any process or service offering which calls for appointments to be kept and realistic goals reached could benefit from a bespoke CRM solution such as this.


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