Ditch the Paperwork

May 2015

Ditch the Paperwork: How Lunar Streamlined a Business for Success

Over the years, the Lunar Team has had the pleasure of working with clients in a huge variety of different industries and sectors, helping businesses to find a personalised CRM solution that suits them. This week, we wanted to take a look at a particular project where we helped a debt management business to achieve greatness through streamlining their processes – and how this can also benefit your business.


What was the Issue?

Although ‘paperless offices’ have become a popular feature of the modern business world, it’s not always easily implemented. The client in this particular case had been using paper records for so long, that only a massive catalyst for change would ever shift the team to a new way of thinking.

Because of the paper-based record keeping our client’s team had become used to, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep tabs on how clients were performing, how employee time was being used, and there was no discernible way to report on success to clients.


How did Lunar Help?

As soon as we heard our client’s plight, we moonwalked straight on over to them and worked closely with the team in order to better understand their business. By taking on board what the business needed – as well as what would help to bring out the best in each employee – we were able to recommend a system that addressed all of our client’s needs.


How did the System Streamline?

With our CRM solution, gone were the days of mass email exchange and paper records clogging up the office files. Our bespoke CRM tool enabled the company to process debt management, trust deeds, and sequestration cases – from the initial contact, all the way through appointment booking, and finally to a client signing off on the scheme. The Lunar Team also further helped to streamline our client’s business by pre-populating letters, fact finds, emails, and SMS’s – all of which took a huge weight off the client’s team.


What was the Final Result?

After implementing the solution we created for them, our client instantly saw a turnaround in efficiency. Gone were the days of no control, replaced by total clarity over clients, staff and processes. On top of that, team members were reporting easier communications with clients and additional productivity.


How can this Help Your Business?

You don’t have to be a debt management specialist or overflowing with paperwork to benefit from a system streamlining; our CRM solution can be tailored to your business’ needs, with the end goal being to better serve you. Your clients and team will instantly notice how much easier completing tasks will become when processes are simplified and brought up to the Cloud.


Are you looking to go paperless, or do you simply wish to make your processes more efficient? Get in touch to learn more about how Lunar can take your business’ success out of this world!