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Don't Scream

October 2017

Don’t Scream: 5 Business Horrors a Bespoke CRM Can Overcome This Halloween

Whenever late October comes around, the Lunar team can’t resist getting into the spirit of Halloween. But rather than trading ghost stories by torchlight, we decided to do something even scarier this year: taking a look at the truly frightening horrors which have plagued our clients, only to be resolved by a bespoke CRM tool. At least there’s a happy ending to these tales!


1. Haunted by Workflow Processes

Forget heavy chains and a sense of foreboding come Halloween night: for your team, complicated processes and a cluttered workflow are far more likely to leave them feeling weighed down. A bespoke CRM can lighten the load, however, by streamlining procedures and helping employees to fly through their work.


2. A Deadly Silence

Although we all like some peace and quiet now and then, silence can truly be a terrifying thing – especially if it’s between your team members. Great communication is key to helping them provide a better service to your customers and in building strong working relationships. A bespoke CRM enables this by allowing teams to stay in contact with each other from wherever they are in the world, sharing information in real time.


3. Being Kept in the Dark

Who’s afraid of the dark, or worse, being kept in the dark? Not knowing where your business is currently positioned or where it’s headed can have disastrous consequences on your business’ strategy. In this scenario, think of your bespoke CRM as a flashlight, allowing you to look at your business’ data in real-time and receive snapshot reports at any point – perfect for building future strategies and making difficult business decisions.


4. Not What You Need

When you’re fleeing from ghosts, the last thing you need is uncomfortable shoes. Equally, when trying to grow your business successfully, you need a tool which addresses your specific needs, rather than an off-the-shelf solution built for the world at large. Lunar’s CRM in particular is built to your business’ needs, adapted to fit the challenges you and your team face on a daily basis, and kitted out with features such as third party integration and a rules-based engine.


5. Angry Mobs

One thing you definitely won’t be seeing outside your door when you use a bespoke CRM solution is an angry mob: it’s the perfect tool for keeping in touch with customers, staying compliant with data collection, and ensuring that the relationship between yourself and the people paying your bills is kept as amicable as possible.

With a bespoke CRM solution built for your business, none of these tales of terror end up being frightening after all! This Halloween, escape these frights and many more by adopting a bespoke CRM solution instead – trust us, you’ll be able to rest much easier.

To find out more about Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution, feel free to get in touch with us directly or explore our website (you won’t find anything scary on there, promise). Have a great Halloween!