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Dont Wait Around

February 2018

Don’t Wait Around: 5 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Provide Instant ROI

When it comes to introducing a new solution to the workplace, there are so many details to consider that it can often cause a headache. Will the team react well to the change? Can it really do what it says on the tin? And perhaps the most often asked question, will this new solution provide a solid ROI?

Often, the latter is answered with a confidence-boosting yes, with the caveat that it’ll take some time to reach the point where true ROI is achieved. But in a world where technology has shortened our wait for deliveries, movies and even drinks, why wait for a return on investment?

That’s where the humble bespoke CRM trumps the competition. Forget waiting around, twiddling your thumbs whilst the solution finds its feet and gets to work within your organisation – those days are over, thanks to the bespoke CRM and how it works. Let’s take a look, shall we?


1. Cost Savings

The most straightforward way of guaranteeing ROI is also pretty self-explanatory. If you had previously been using an off-the-shelf solution which didn’t have the features needed to excel, clearly you’ll be making a huge saving by going bespoke. The difference in price, plus the fact the new solution does exactly what you need it to do, means you can see an ROI within the first few seconds.

This doesn’t just apply to those using off-the-shelf solutions, either. Out-dated CRMs which require physical servers onsite are more cost-heavy than a cloud-based solution, with all maintenance and monitoring being taken care of.


2. Getting Started Straight Away

Thanks to the accessible and user-friendly nature of a bespoke CRM solution, it’s possible to get started using it straight away. Even better, users can dive into analytical features, view instant reports and import data to get the bespoke solution to work instantly. That means that from day one – from hour one, in fact – the bespoke CRM is earning its keep.

This is contrast to some overcomplicated solutions which require hours of additional training to make the most of their features, or an off-the-shelf tool which has features that are of no relevance to your organisation, and as such find themselves cluttering up the place.


3. You’re Not Alone

Of course, not everybody is a technical whizz – and that’s OK! Lunar’s clients receive help in setting up their dashboard, and guidance throughout the initial setup and beyond. No question is a silly question, and no client is left to struggle alone.

This additional support allows for extra user confidence and saves time if you feel like you could find your way around alone but don’t want to take your eye off the ball for even a second.


4. Features Chosen for You

A bespoke CRM solution’s main advantage is in the name: it’s a bespoke tool, built to a specific organisation and its individual challenges. As such, the features are tailored to what users need, including third party integration for their favourite apps, reporting tools, and workflow management.

Because the bespoke CRM is built to purpose, users don’t need to spend time choosing which features to try and which to leave to one side, as they would with a traditional off-the-shelf solution. Instead, they already know that everything there is for them to use to their organisation’s benefit. Therefore, there’s a juicy ROI awaiting the business the moment they log in.


5. The Limitless Potential

The day you log in to your bespoke CRM is the day a world of opportunities and endless possibilities opens up to you. One day, your organisation is tethered to a single office and revolves around a set market of clients. The next, you’re able to introduce remote working, engage with skilled employees from further afield, explore and exploit business trends, analyse past business performance, placate stakeholders with instant reports and so much more.

With all that potential, your business could go in any direction, and that in itself is a huge ROI, unrivalled by the likes of off-the-shelf solutions. If simply choosing to try a bespoke CRM could give you so much, then why not give it a go?

Try Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution and witness an instant ROI – not to mention a world of possibilities opening up! To find out more, feel free to explore our website or get in touch to book a free demo.