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Early Growth Spurt

October 2019

Early Growth Spurt: 4 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Help Grow your Business

A bespoke CRM isn’t just for big businesses. Of course, any big business needs a good CRM solution, but a bespoke CRM can do wonders for small businesses too.

In fact with a bespoke CRM in place, you could find your small business achieving higher growth rates, even in your early days. So, how can a bespoke CRM help here?


1. Data from Day One

Data is important, there’s no arguing about that. With the right data on hand you can understand what your customers want, how to deliver that, take an in-depth look at your finances and how to improve them. The list of data applications goes on.

The sooner you start collecting this data, the sooner you can start using it to make savvy business decisions. With a bespoke CRM you can get a head start with data collection, and start to make use of that data to inform your business’ strategy.


2. In-Depth Data 

So you’ve gathered all this data with your CRM, how do you use it? To build detailed reports, of course.

A bespoke CRM’s intelligent reporting system will allow you to visualise real-time performance of your business, without the time sink of having to build said reports manually. Using the report data, you can get an insight on areas your business needs to improve in order to achieve growth. 


3. Streamline Workflows

Nothing slows down the growth of a small business or start-up like a crowded workflow. Small processes pile up and become a day-to-day chore. With a bespoke CRM in place early on, you can clear up your workflow in a variety of ways, such as automating these smaller daily tasks. With that off your mind, you can focus on delivering exceptional service and generating leads.


4. Third Party Integration

Finding a CRM that does everything you need is not only time consuming, it’s borderline impossible. That’s why a bespoke CRM, like Lunar, allows for third party integration. This means you won’t have to run several different tools and processes, instead you can customise your bespoke CRM with third party plug-ins. Keeping everything you need in one place keeps the confusion of running a business to a minimum, and helps streamline your workflow.


Give it a try?

These are just some of the ways that a bespoke CRM solution can help your small business grow. The best way to find out what Lunar CRM can do for your business, and to ensure a smooth transition, is to give a free demo a try.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a small business with bigger ambitions, a bespoke CRM could be exactly what you need to kick start growth. To find out more or to book your free demo, get in touch with the Lunar team today.