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Follow Your Lead

September 2019

Follow Your Lead: Generating New Business with Your Bespoke CRM

Your bespoke CRM solution is a powerful little tool – you may just see it as a way to manage customer data, and to make and receive customer calls but your CRM is much more capable than that. In fact, your bespoke CRM can generate new leads to grow your business on your behalf. That’s sure to see a nice boost to your sales figures, don’t you think?

The best part? Setting up your bespoke CRM to generate new business leads is a pretty easy process.


Bring Your Bought Data

Thanks to Lunar CRM’s third party integration, you can bring all of your data along with you when you make the jump to a bespoke CRM solution. Not only does this negate the need for additional systems and data migration, this allows your team to approach new customers from bought data with confidence and simplicity.


Lead Generation by Site Visitors

You don’t have to buy data to get the most out of your bespoke CRM’s lead generating properties. With our website integrations you can embed web forms you can generate real-time leads directly in to your CRM. Because you can choose which data that web visitors need to provide in your web form, you can ensure that you get exactly the data your business needs.

The benefit of this is that it works so well with your digital marketing efforts. By bringing together social media activity, SEO efforts and website design with your CRM, you can generate traffic to your site where visitors will decide for themselves whether or not they’d like to find out more about your services.


Why is Lead Gen Important?

Those are just a couple of methods that your bespoke CRM can generate leads, but why is it so important to consider lead generation?

As the name implies, the main function of a CRM is to properly manage customer relationships. As your CRM becomes a lead generation powerhouse, your team can identify opportunities to streamline workflow process to bring leads in faster. Your customers are also provided with an easy to follow lead journey, which means considerably more conversions.

Your bespoke CRM solution is full of practical benefits to your business, but turning it in to a powerful lead generation tool will see a considerable ROI for your business. With Lunar CRM at the heart of your business you can be confident in your team’s ability to manage your customers effectively and grow your business exponentially.

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