Generation Z

August 2017

3 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Keep Generation Z Happy in the Workplace

Move over Millennials: Generation Z have started to enter the workforce, and employers are preparing themselves to meet the expectations and demands of a generation that grew up surrounded by instant updates and technology.

As you can imagine, this presents something of a new challenge to employers who have just managed to adapt their businesses to Millennials. Thankfully there’s at least one straightforward area you can rely on to keep ‘Gen Z’ happy: a bespoke CRM solution.


Who Are Generation Z?

Firstly, it’s important to understand who Generation Z actually are. Whereas Millennials came on the scene before and during the public implementation of the internet, and have suffered through dial-up speeds and hissing modems, Generation Z have never known anything other than being surrounded by technology.

They are, in the truest sense, digital natives, with shorter attention spans (research has it pinned at 8 seconds) and a love for tech, who favour flexibility and remote working ideals.


How Can a Bespoke CRM Keep Them Happy?

Knowing what we know about our humble Generation Z, it makes sense to introduce a tool to the organisation which addresses their expectations, needs, and attributes – which is where the bespoke CRM comes in handy.

Built to your team’s specifications, the solution was made to tackle this challenge, and can help keep Gen Z happy in the following ways:


1. Provides Flexibility


We know that Generation Z already prefer flexibility, and now this is available to them from the moment they enter an organisation. A bespoke CRM allows users to access the solution from anywhere in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection available.

This means that remote working, flexible hours and time away from the office are all a possibility for our new Gen Z workforce – and you’ll be well-equipped to support them throughout.


2. Tech on the Frontline 

Having grown up surrounded by gadgets and code and constant notifications, Generation Z are used to immersing themselves in tech, so it makes sense to put technology at the heart of the organisation, as well as the frontline.

By this, we mean that not only does the CRM process data, manage workflows and act as a component that allows flexible working to be a success, but it’s also at the forefront of customer communications and how they can communicate with one another. What’s more, this is a language Gen Z already speak, easing the pressure of learning how to use a CRM.


3. Simplifies and Streamlines

 We know that Gen Z have shorter attention spans, but greater data-processing power, so use that to your advantage by simplifying and streamlining workflow processes, keeping them doing the job that they’re passionate about, whilst removing obstacles to productivity, like small tasks which can easily distract.

Thanks to automated processes within bespoke CRM solutions, we can cut down on distractions and keep Generation Z focused – and allowing them to get on with their job instead of handling menial tasks allows for them to feel happy, secure and trusted.


Gen Z Are Coming

Like it or not, Generation Z are entering the workforce, and it’s up to employers to prepare themselves ahead of time. That’s why it helps to implement a bespoke CRM into your organisation now, providing plenty of time to let the tool settle within the business.

All that’s left to say now is welcome to the workforce, Generation Z!

To find out more about how a bespoke CRM solution can help your business to keep its newest arrivals happy, simply get in touch with Team Lunar and book a free demo, or feel free to explore our website.