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Getting Cultured

February 2020

Getting Cultured: How your Bespoke CRM Plays a Vital Role in Company Culture

One of the best ways to make your business stand out from the crowd when it comes to attracting new talent is to really show off your amazing company culture. You can do that through an engaging website, social media presence, blogging and more. The question is, how do you develop and promote an engaging company culture?

Did you know your bespoke CRM can serve as a key component in developing such a brilliant company culture? The Lunar Team have gathered some insights from our clients to find out.


Encourage Success

A bespoke CRM solution can go a long way towards making your team feel appreciated when it comes to their hard work. You can encourage success through public praise and a bonus structure, among other methods, all through your CRM.

With your bespoke CRM’s robust reporting features, you can gather detailed insights on employee performance and use that data to structure praise. You can also make use of these reports to highlight areas of improvement and offer support in those areas, ensuring your team feels both valued and listened to.


Live Up to Promises

Company culture isn’t limited to your office and your employees, it also relates to your customers. One effective way brands are engaging with their customers is working collaboratively, and taking on board customer feedback.

Ensuring you stick to the promises made to customers through feedback is vital when it comes to a good company culture. So it’s important that your team has the right tools in place to deliver on those promises, and maintain effective communication with your customers during this process. A bespoke CRM solution allows your team to engage with customers, track progress and share information between departments. 


Gives Rise to New Ways of Thinking

Company culture isn’t something that you can just force, it need to be a collaborative effort. So you need to ensure your team is equipped with the tools to develop their roles and their ways of thinking.

This is where your bespoke CRM comes in, with third party integration that allows your team to approach tasks in different ways without having to navigate to different tools. This steamlines their workflow while allowing for a creative approach to problem solving and development. It’ll also show that your business is always open to new possibilities and ideas.


Brings People Together

Of course, company culture is nothing without the people who spend forty plus hours a week living it – which brings us to our final point. Using Cloud technology, a bespoke CRM offers up new avenues for employee communication, no matter where they are in the world.

Sharing information and keeping people up to speed with what the company is doing and what the customers need is a perfect way to ensure that everybody is engaged with the organisation. From this engagement, a recognisable company culture can emerge, no matter where your people are – and it’s that culture which will keep them close, even when they’re continents apart.

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