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Getting More From Work

November 2017

Getting More from Work: 4 Reasons Why Your Employees Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Automation

Automation: for business owners, it’s a blessing, but for employees it’s often assumed to be a curse. As soon as a business begins talking about introducing automation, frontline employees are instantly bombarded with thoughts about how they might be replaced, or how the company itself will change.

For anyone thinking of implementing a bespoke CRM solution into their organisation, automation is often part and parcel. That means tackling employee anxiety is a crucial first step to ensuring your bespoke CRM is welcomed with open arms. The Lunar Team have a lot of experience in this area, and we’d like to offer our assurances that there are at least four very good reasons why your employees shouldn’t fear automation – which you’re welcome to use to win some support amongst your team


1. More Time

The most obvious benefit of automation is the sharp increase in time to employees. Taking over the running of small, time-consuming tasks means that automation leaves employees with more hours in the day – which can be invested into developing new projects, taking up training, or focusing on offering even better customer relationship management.


2. More Opportunities

Something not often talked about in automation is the fact that new opportunities and roles become open for employees within the business. Rather than just being replaced outright by a bespoke CRM, individuals are actually presented with the chance to explore new skills, take on challenging roles, or work alongside the automation. And when it comes to customer relationship management, nothing can replace the warm communication skills of a human being!


3. More Success

It’s not just personal opportunities which benefit employees, either. Automation gives businesses the chance to thrive, opening new revenue streams and diversifying the services on offer. All of this inevitably leads to exciting growth, with your team on the ground floor – an excellent position for them to be in for their future careers.


4. More Calm

Finally – and less to do with business, and more to do with personal happiness – automation can bring about more calm amongst your employees. With fewer annoying tasks eating away at their productivity, employees have less to be stressed about, giving them room to breathe and the chance to be happier in the office. Happy employees are productive employees too, so this is very much a scenario where everybody wins!

Before your team gets frightened at the idea of automation taking their jobs and turning their working lives upside down, it’s best to directly address them regarding the changes being implemented. Not only will this earn you their respect, it’ll also enable you to get your team on side early on.

So, if any of your employees are nervous about automation in your organisation, be sure to remind them that there’s plenty on offer for them – and you’ll be automation experts in no time!

Lunar’s bespoke CRM is packed full of features ready to improve your team’s workflow, including process automation and an integrated reminder system. To find out more, feel free to explore our website. Alternatively, get in touch directly to book your free demo!