Go With The Flow

August 2019

Go with the Flow: Efficient Invoicing & Cash Flow with your Bespoke CRM

It’s great when clients pay their invoices on time. Sometimes, getting payments out of clients can be a little trickier.  It’s not always down to a client dragging their heels though – inefficiency in getting paid on time can come from internal invoicing procedures and the use of a clunky external invoicing software.

Whether it is a client putting their own cash flow needs ahead of yours, or complications with invoicing software, to keep your business happy you need to keep on top of invoicing and cash flow. So how can you do that without it being a costly time sink in itself? With the handy features included in a bespoke CRM, of course.

It’s important to get in to a good flow with invoicing, but doing it manually can be time consuming and especially frustrating if clients then don’t pay on time. So, here are some steps you can take, using your bespoke CRM, to keep invoicing simple…


1. Invoice Automatically

Your bespoke CRM is an all in one solution, and that includes invoicing. Rather than using external software to create your invoices, a bespoke CRM can continually create and send out your invoices automatically. So now you and your team won’t even have to think about invoicing for your work, you can just focus on delivering your best.


2. Chase Them Up

Of course, once an invoice is with your client it’s down to them to pay it. A client failing to pay on time is stressful enough, but having to chase them up only adds to that stress. Using the automation features of your bespoke CRM solution you won’t have to – you’ll just have to set up an automated campaign that follows up on unpaid invoices, so clients will be notified if they’re overdue a payment (and if that includes any late fees!).


3. Reminders

Chasing clients should only ever be a last resort, of course. Reminding clients that their invoice due date is coming up will help ensure you’re paid on time – sending out those reminders can take up a lot of time. Which is why your bespoke CRM solution can do that for you, ensuring your invoice isn’t lost in a client’s inbox.


Got in to the Flow of Invoicing?

Now that you have a bit more time on your hands and a more stable cash flow, courtesy of invoice automation, you can put some time in to pulling out some reports from your bespoke CRM. Specifically, reports on client payments – you’ll want to identify which clients are paying on time, and which clients aren’t (and how regularly). From there, you can make some important decisions such as whether to pause work until invoices are cleared, change up your invoicing procedure or simply get in touch to discuss invoicing with your client and how things can be changed up to ensure you’re paid on time for your services.

Keep on top of your invoicing and business cash flow more easily with the automated invoicing included in Lunar CRM. If you’d like a free get in touch and let’s get you in the flow!