Great Power, Great Responsibility:

September 2021

Great Power, Great Responsibility: Keeping Your Customers’ Data Safe

We’ve seen more than enough data leak scandals to know that keeping your customers’ data is of the upmost importance. After all, if someone held a lot of your personal data and let it fall into the wrong hands, you’d be a little upset.

If you don’t keep your customers’ data safe, you could find yourself in some legal trouble and facing hefty costs. So, with that in mind, the Lunar Team have three safety tips to keep yours and your customers’ data safe…


1. Back it up

Your customers’ data isn’t always under threat of attack by an external party. Data loss can be as big a threat as any hacker. So you need to ensure you’re backing up your CRM data as often as possible. That way, if there ever are any problems you can just roll-back to a recent backup and the problem is solved.

You’ll be happy to know that Lunar CRM offers continual backups as a standard with our bespoke solution. So you can focus on running and expanding your business, whilst we keep your data secure.


2. Move to the Cloud

Hosting your own CRM isn’t cheap, you’ll need a powerful server and you’ll need to regularly back up said server as we mentioned above. What if you didn’t have to do it yourself?

That’s where Lunar CRM comes in. Our bespoke CRM solutions are hosted in the Cloud, which means you’ll always be able to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. That means next to no downtime, backing up your data easily and quick access in any emergencies.


3. Keep Devices Secure

Forefront in securing your customers’ data should be securing your own devices. Every device that accesses your CRM solution is a potential entry point for malicious activity.

More and more industries are adopting a ‘bring your own device’ model, particularly those that rely on contracting freelancers. However, it’s the company that is ultimately liable for customers’ data, so you need to ensure that all devices accessing your CRM solution are secured. Firewalls, antivirus software, SSL encryption – there’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to keeping your customers’ data safe.  


A Solution for Everything?

So where can you find a solution that can handle all of the above? We’re glad you asked!

A bespoke CRM solution from Lunar CRM is constantly backed up for you, updated frequently, hosted in The Cloud and constantly kept secure and safe by our dedicated team. By introducing a bespoke CRM in to your organisation, you can focus more on growing your business than worrying about data breaches.

Take your CRM to the next level with a secure solution tailored to your business. Simply get in touch to request a demo or to find out more.