Great Teamwork

November 2021

Great Teamwork: A Bespoke CRM and Marketing Automation

Teamwork makes the dream work, so people say, and nothing could more true of marketing efforts and your bespoke CRM solution. By implementing your bespoke CRM solution as part of your marketing automation strategy, you’re opening up your business to some juicy opportunities and you’ll be saving your sales team plenty of frustration.

Marketing automation will allow you to easily generate leads and use that data to nurture and prioritise them, before even involving your sales team. With your CRM automatically gathering customer data to manage sales opportunities, you’ll be saving your marketing department plenty of admin work. Let’s take a closer look at how your bespoke CRM can help automate your marketing efforts…


Save Your Sales Team Time

Your sales team, without the step of marketing automation, probably spends a lot of time going through all sales data to figure out the best way to convert leads. With marketing automation, you can handle this before the data even reaches your sales team. Marketing automation, combined with your bespoke CRM solution, can analyse data gathered through lead generation and ensure the right people get the right info. By the time the data reaches your sales team, they will already have all the info they need.


See What Works

When you run your marketing campaigns, you need to know what’s working – makes sense right? You can always keep throwing your resources at the wall and seeing what sticks, but you’ll limit productivity and burn out in no time.

Combining the efforts of your bespoke CRM tool and marketing automation tool, you can find out which campaigns close the most deals. Running the two processes of CRM and marketing automation in combination will not only show that you’re making money, but it will show you HOW you’re making money.


Prioritise Your Leads

Sometimes the data gathered by your CRM tool can be a little overwhelming. Combine marketing automation and you can organise your leads. One such way is to prioritise your warmest leads with scoring. Lead scoring will allow you and your sales team to see which leads are most promising, and which ones to follow up most urgently, optimising your sales pipeline and offering your team easy access to the most important data. Lead scoring will allow your sales team to close deals in the most efficient order.

Combining the efforts of your CRM tools with marketing automation with save you time and money. With a bespoke CRM solution, implementing marketing optimisation is easy and efficient – you decide what you need when you go bespoke.

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