Green Alert

June 2018

Green Alert: How Remote Working Can Make for a Planet-Friendly Office

Remote working and living green: two very popular topics in our modern era. We’ve realised that we only have one planet and we should look after it, whilst also embracing the idea of knocking down boundaries and working from anywhere on Earth. Neat!

But how do these two movements work together? Is there an untold relationship which might benefit businesses and the planet? The answer is a resounding yes.


Easing the Burden

As our society has grown, so too has the strain our existence places on planet Earth. Now we find ourselves needing more resources than ever before and making bigger carbon footprints through our actions.

Fortunately, we also live in a time when people can see that things need to change, with many initiatives and innovations being introduced to try and curve our reliance on the likes of fossil fuels, all whilst putting into place practices that reduce our individual impact.

In the business world, this can be a particularly tricky challenge to overcome – but one which is helped by the growing trend for remote working.

Aside from the professional benefits, such as increased talent to tap into and happier employees, remote working can also help to ease a business’ burden on the planet in a number of ways:

  • Smaller Spaces: businesses can take up smaller offices, reducing heating and lighting requirements, and leaving less space unoccupied.
  • Less Waste: with fewer employees on the premises at any one time, there’s less waste generated, like paper or food wrappers.
  • Fewer Resources: with some employees working remotely, businesses can remove the worry around additional electricity or water. Think of all those coffee cups that don’t need to be washed now!
  • Reduced Carbon Footprints: commuters tend to have a hefty carbon footprint, and even those who opt for public transport make some contribution towards the issue. If working remotely, however, their personal footprint can be significantly reduced.

In short, remote working can do a lot for the planet, but what kind of benefits can bosses see from their efforts to go green?


How Businesses Can Benefit

No, it’s not just a warm and fuzzy feeling inside from contributing towards greener living that business owners can look forward to. By including remote working in their strategy to ‘go green’, business owners can expect to see almost immediate cost savings, in terms of both resources and office space. Not only that, but giants such as Procter & Gamble and Sony – both of whom have signed up to meet science-backed sustainability targets – have seen huge savings, with P&G’s own reaching $500m.

What’s more, it’s a marketable fact that your business is environmentally conscious, a trait which is looked upon with favour at a time when consumers are particularly savvy and vocal, equipped with the tools to make their voices heard.

So, there you have it: remote working and going green are two ideas that, as it happens, work together really rather well. Not only does this partnership make for happier employees and a greener planet, it also results in healthier bottom lines too, so what’s not to like?

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