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In Pursuit Of The Best

December 2017

In Pursuit of the Best: 5 Features to Look Out for in the Ideal CRM

With the new year right around the corner, you may be thinking about investing in a CRM solution to take your business further in 2018. The search for a new CRM, however, is one that is often fraught with stress, with some options having too few features but at the right price, and others being overwhelming in their complexity but capable of delivering on business goals; then there are some that simply aren’t worth the code they’re made up of.

Preparation is therefore the key. To help you to prepare, the Lunar team have dug deep into our experience pairing our customers with the best bespoke CRM solutions to compile the following list of things to look out for in your search.


1. Integration

A great CRM doesn’t necessarily need to over-face its users with a vast compendium of features. If it has third party integration enabled, it can instead use other apps which users have grown accustomed to using to round out its offering without rocking the boat. The ideal CRM will therefore allow you to integrate with these popular apps, providing you with a fluid and adaptive experience.


2. Automation

Automation is currently in the process of transforming the business world. It’s a great way to ensure productivity remains high, team time is freed up, and customers can be focused on. With the current timing in mind, your idea CRM solution must be able to accommodate the growing popularity of automation and help your business to stay at the forefront of innovation.


3. Cloud-based

Remote working has found its way to the top of almost every employee’s wish list in the 21st Century, and when tapping into great talent from a distance, business owners need to acknowledge that flexibility is a requirement. Traditional CRMs and some off-the-shelf solutions, however, don’t offer that freedom, instead being confined to an on-site server, the machine itself or an installation CD (yes, that still happens). By embracing the cloud-enabled CRM tools instead, businesses can free themselves from limitations, and the hefty costs involved with said limitations.


4. Built for You

Although many are still happy with an off-the-shelf solution, there’s a danger that the right features aren’t available, or that the business will quickly outgrow the tool, meaning the search begins anew shortly after it ended. By opting for a bespoke CRM, however, businesses can grow alongside their system and can enjoy the features needed to address their individual concerns.


5. Your Team Loves It Too

Most importantly of all, your team – the people who will be using this CRM day in and day out – need to enjoy using it, find the tool easy to engage with, and see the benefits available to them. To help our clients to decide, for example, Lunar CRM provides a free demonstration to give a glimpse into what’s on offer. Meanwhile, usability is another important aspect to look out for, and communicating with your team will provide you with the feedback necessary to make an informed decision.

With this checklist in hand and your team by your side, we’re confident that your search for a CRM solution should be a short and successful one. That means you’ll be well-equipped in 2018 to do amazing things – and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

If you’re caught up in your search for the ideal CRM solution and need a little guidance, look no further: get in touch to book your free demonstration of our bespoke CRM tool and experience the system that’ll send your business to the stars.