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Jolly Solutions

December 2015

Jolly Solutions: How Santa Could Benefit from a Bespoke CRM

A question that the Lunar team gets asked a lot is whether or not a bespoke CRM can work for a particular business that’s outside of the realms of typical CRM using industries, such as insurance and call centres. The answer, of course, is a resounding YES - and to prove it, we’ve got into the Christmas spirit and targeted ol’ Saint Nick to see how he could benefit from a bespoke Lunar CRM solution. Ho ho ho!


Information All in One Place

As you well know, Santa has a reputation to uphold: he’s not only expected to deliver to millions of households in one night, but people have come to understand that Santa knows everything they want and have ever wanted. Obviously, this can be a bit of a strain for the jolly old man – but with a bespoke CRM, he can keep all those Christmas wishes in one place. All this information gathered together on a reliable, Cloud-based platform is the tip of the iceberg, however: by using Lunar’s rule-based system in his CRM, Santa can have new data added continuously throughout the year – making it much easier to keep up with managing the naughty and nice lists.


Inclusive Team Access

As anyone who has been in the vicinity of a child in the last 15 years knows, wooden toys are out – and it takes a large team of elves for Santa to get iPhones and Mac Books built in time. Fortunately, a bespoke CRM from Lunar would allow the entire North Pole team to keep up to date in real-time with what tasks have been accomplished, who’s orders have been fulfilled and what is left to be done, allowing for increased efficiency and productivity all year round.


Easily Track Deliveries

When the big night comes, it helps to have software keeping track of Santa’s deliveries. As our courier clients have discovered, a bespoke Lunar CRM can easily update teams on which deliveries have been made and whereabouts in the delivery process all other orders are. No wonder Santa can deliver to so many houses in one night – he’s obviously already got one of our bespoke solutions updating the North Pole database as he goes!


Remote Access to Data

Santa never gets presents wrong (there are no exceptions to this), but how does he do it? By being able to log in to his bespoke Lunar CRM from wherever he is in the world, Santa can instantly connect with his team back at the North Pole, as well as being able to access the data that’s keeping his festive business running smoothly – all with the help of always-live Cloud-based hosting. Of course, this feature also means he can check on the progress of next year’s orders whilst he’s taking a much needed holiday on Boxing Day – all without being in the office!


There you have it: if Santa Claus can benefit from a bespoke CRM tool to help his festive offering run smoother, then so can you and your business – no matter the industry or size! Give your team the gift of a bespoke CRM this Christmas by getting in touch for a free demo. Merry Christmas, everybody!