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Just For You

October 2018

Just For You: Why a Bespoke CRM Solution is The One for You

A bespoke CRM solution is an investment in to what you love – your business. An off-the-shelf solution might help in the short-term, but a bespoke software will provide you with the adaptability to meet your ever growing and changing business needs.

With sophisticated data management options, ease of target marketing campaigns and a simple interface that will keep you and your team happy, there are many reasons you should go bespoke with your CRM solution. But what really makes a bespoke solution the right one for you?


Built With You in Mind

Bespoke CRM solutions are much faster and far easier to install than an off-the-shelf CRM solution. That’s because a bespoke option is built with your business needs at their core. There’s no unnecessary features to work around, no confusion over whether anything you need is missing – your Bespoke CRM Solution is tailored to your business model.

There’s no figuring anything out for yourself when you go bespoke, no lengthy discussions about adding features you won’t need. Just exactly what you need, where you need it.


Get Exactly What You Want

Going bespoke means you’re getting what you need out of your CRM solution, not what an off-the-shelf package thinks you need. At your fingertips, you and your team will have all the information you need with your bespoke CRM solution. You’ll be able to:

  • Track your goals based on your own specific measurables and goals, with superb details giving you the ability to gather all the data you require.
  • Improve automation with marketing campaigns and data management to save both time and money.
  • Improve your marketing efforts with cross channel promotion from one place, expanding your reach and generating more leads.
  • Gain better insights in to your customer database to get a better understanding of who you’re marketing to.


Conducive Not Complicated

You know as well as anyone that keeping up productivity is vital for your business to succeed. That means no getting bogged down with complicated systems full of features that you might not even need.

A bespoke CRM solution lets you find your target audience, explore lead opportunities and manage your customers’ data all from one place. Improve your retention rates by responding to customer enquiries quickly and easily, and there’s even some room for automation with customer interaction. Automation can also be put to work for other lengthy process, to keep things easy and let you focus on what you need to, without overlooking important details.


Keep On Target

A bespoke CRM solution is perfect for targeted marketing campaigns. You can gather detailed insight in to who your audience is, and what interests them, see that information all in one place and use that data to reach new customers efficiently.

A broad range of data will be offered to you. You’ll be able to identify the demographics that are working best for you – see your customers’ gender, age, interests, activity patterns, preferred platforms. Are they coming to you from mobile or desktops, are they more active in the morning or the evening, and so on. All of this data can be used in your target marketing campaigns to ensure you’re reaching the people you want to.

Automation is another great benefit of bespoke CRM solutions that can help keep your marketing efforts on target. E-mail campaigns can be automated to go out during promotions, updates, holidays, birthdays (yours or your customer’s), you name it. Make your customers feel involved and, of course, valued.


Simplicity and Adaptability

The rigidity of an off-the-shelf CRM solution can get a little tiring. You’ll update your business, and your needs with it, but your CRM solution remains the same. With a bespoke CRM solution adaptability is always there – if your business changes, your software can change with it.

With your software design around you and your business, there’s no need to spend time navigating extra add-ons, no need to spend lots of time training your team. This solution is built with you and your business needs in mind.

With all the data you need in a simple, easy to navigate package, and the adaptability to keep up with your ever growing business a bespoke CRM solution is just what you need.  

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