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Keep Em Coming

March 2016

Keep ‘Em Coming: 5 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Boost Your Sales Capabilities

It goes without saying that a business is nothing without sales, and generating those sales plays an integral part in running a successful organisation. Although in the past you may have relied on word of mouth referrals to secure work, it’s not always enough to pay the bills - and one way or another your team is eventually going to have to generate new clients themselves.

With that in mind, it’s best to equip them with the tools they’ll need to make the most of every sales opportunity early on – and a bespoke CRM is exactly the tool for the job. But don’t just take our word for it! The Lunar team have been researching the sales boost teams can benefit from by using a bespoke CRM, and the following is just a small sample of ways CRMs can make it work:


1. Don’t Lose Your Place

A major folly when making sales – and yet one which is all too easy to make - is to become lost in the process. You can tell if you’re lost when you ask questions such as ‘what stage is this client at currently?’, ‘have we heard back from this client?’ or ‘is the sale signed off yet?’ and no one has a simple answer.

If you or your team feels like this, then you’ll be glad to know that a bespoke CRM acts like a GPS system, allowing you to keep up to date with each client’s journey in a concise and easy-to-understand way. With this knowledge comes great strategy capabilities and a chance to better measure sales success.


2. Prioritise & Conquer

No matter how fair you hope to be, it’s inevitable that some clients will eventually need more resources than others – included in the initial stage of actually generating a sale. Not only can a bespoke CRM help by measuring client requirements and team capabilities to help better resource allocation, but it can provide a simple, all-in-one communication platform to allow for multiple employees to work together to close a large sale with ease.


3. Giving Success Some Context

Of course it’s important to celebrate success among your team, but often employees need honest criticism and for their work to be put into some sort of clear context. A bespoke CRM tool will allow you to measure their individual successes, such as how many calls were made on any particular day, or how much in sales they’re bringing in to the company, as well as highlighting areas for improvement which can be worked on with training and communication. With this information, you’ll be well-equipped to encourage your team and set them up for success, whilst demonstrating that their hard work is recognised as contributing towards the company’s victories.


4. Allow Hot Leads the Attention They Deserve

There’s no need to feel guilty about it: just about everybody has let a hot lead get lost in the inbox at least once – and it’s a mistake which can cost you dearly. The way to get around this sales faux pas is to make the most of a bespoke CRM’s in-built automation by linking it to your website. When someone leaves details for a hot lead on your site, their information can be automatically filtered to the individual within the team who is best placed to deal with it – either because they’re the most skilled in a particular area, or because they have more capabilities at present. With a bespoke CRM on your side, you’ll never miss a hot lead again!


5. Don’t Lose Touch

A good bespoke CRM will keep you in touch with your clients, but a great CRM will remind you when it’s time to touch base at key intervals, increasing the chances of an upsell opportunity and preventing a sale from stagnating in the middle of the process. This is a touch that any potential client will appreciate, and helps them to feel that they matter to your team and your business.

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