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Keep It Interesting

July 2019

Keep it Interesting: Improve ROI from the Start with a Bespoke CRM

Ensuring that every expense to your business sees an equal or greater return of investment is always going to be one of your top priorities. And ideally you want the majority of expenses to see greater ROI rather than just equal. Sadly the fear of not seeing that great ROI is what puts many businesses off trying something new, like a bespoke CRM solution.

So, we thought we’d give you some reassurance on how Lunar’s bespoke CRM solution could keep things interesting for your business…


Save Straight Away

Pay less and get more, that’s the first thing you’ll notice a bespoke CRM solution can do for you. Rather than paying for lots of different subscriptions to different services and applications, a bespoke Lunar CRM Solution can keep it all in one for you. You’ll see a saving from day one and that saving is only going to build up over time. And if you need a hand setting up your dashboard to get the most out of your CRM, the Lunar Team are on hand to help.


See the Stats Straight Away

How much time has your business sank in to sifting through mountains of data to build reports that are potentially not fully accurate for your needs? With a bespoke CRM solution you could save hours on this task by building instant, in-depth reports created automatically from all that data contained within. And so, you’re instantly opening up new strategic capabilities for your business by using these powerful reports to figure out how to encourage growth.

With much more time on your hands and all the information provided in these reports, you can spend time exploring how to do more for your customers. And needless to say, happier customers means more business growth. By using a combination of customer statistics and feedback, all contained within your bespoke CRM solution, you’ll see your business start to grow in no time and your CRM start to pay for itself.


Save Time Straight Away

As a business owner, you’ve heard time and time again that time is money, and you know that to be true. So to keep your business profitable, you need to make sure you’re saving as much time as possible. With the workflow improvements, such as automated reports building, provided by your bespoke CRM solution you can do just that.

Rather than training your team to use an off-the-shelf CRM solution, thanks to the ease of use of a bespoke CRM solution you can train your team in new skills that will improve your business. And you can say goodbye to time lost to maintenance and downtime – your cloud-hosted, fully backed-up, bespoke CRM solution will always be available when you need it.


Measure this ROI

You don’t need to just take our word for it that a bespoke CRM solution will see an increased ROI. Of course, your bespoke CRM can show you quite easily over time as you build reports that show your stats improving. You can also compare the hours that you’re sinking in to an off-the-shelf CRM as oppose to your bespoke CRM solution – for the first month or so of using your bespoke CRM, record the hours your team are spending on specific tasks and compare those to previous hours spent before your went bespoke. Keep an eye on these time savings and the revenue savings, thanks to no longer paying for multiple subscriptions for different processes, and you’ll soon see the returns rolling in for your business.

These are just some of the simpler ways to measure ROI with your new bespoke CRM, but our Lunar Team will be able to shed some more light on the matter from mission control. Simply get in touch to find out more or to request a free demo!