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Keep Listening

July 2020

Keep Listening: 5 Reasons You Should Always Listen to Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital to the success of your business. Your customers, after all, are what really drive your business. So if you ever need to shake things up and make changes with your business, your first step should be turning to your customers.

For a lot of businesses, the last few months have been a time of huge changes. So now is the perfect time to really start listening to your customers, figure out what they want from your business and how you can realistically deliver that.

With your customers in mind, here are five reasons you should always be listening to your customers…


1. Keep Customers Longer

One-time customers are great – especially if they’re making a large purchase or asking for an extensive service – but they’re even better when they come back again and again. Retaining customers has become somewhat of an art form as more and more choice becomes available to them.

By performing customer feedback, you can discover areas in the business which need to be improved upon in order to turn more of your one-time customers into retainers. To do this, ask them how the service can be improved and be sure to follow up any concerns in a personal manner to build a stronger relationship. The result? More retained customers and fewer cash flow concerns!


2. Measure Team Performance

If anyone is going to give you unfiltered, honest opinions about your team, it’ll be your customers. After all, they’ve paid to buy your product or use your service, and expect a certain standard of customer service in return.

Reaching out to ask customers about areas at which your team could use improvement, as well as encouraging positive feedback for great team members, provides you with an insight into how staff are performing in the customer-facing aspect of their role. From here, you can praise or encourage improvement as you see fit!


3. Evolve Your Services

Not sure if customers have taken to a new service or product yet? Are they just slow to warm to the idea? What could make them fall in love with it? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. When asking any of these questions, the best people to ask are the ones who will be using your new service or buying that new product; no matter how many ‘experts’ you get into a room, none of their opinions will be as genuine or as valuable as those of the actual customers.

With honest feedback under your belt, you can tweak, evolve or scrap services as you see fit – saving you time, money and resources on trying out an idea which simply won’t work.


4. Gathering Data

Customer feedback doesn’t just provide opinions – it also provides data, which is just as important to the running of your business. Surveys are a great opportunity to find out more about the individuals engaging with your organisation, allowing you to build a better picture of who to target. This information can then assist marketing, as well as provide context to sales teams and their managers.

In addition, by adding this data to your bespoke CRM solution, you’re making it possible to create in-depth strategies, information-rich reports, and a more effective system. Who doesn’t want the best for their CRM? 


5. Achieving Growth

Finally, all of these benefits relate to one final area which benefits from customer feedback: growth. Being able to identify areas for improvement and areas which are working well empowers you as the business’ owner to chart an effective course for accelerated growth. You can now grow strategically and effectively, all whilst keeping your customers very much in plain sight. In essence, this is the chance to grow with your customer base – an opportunity that’s hard to pass up!

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