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Keep Reaching Higher

October 2017

Keep Reaching Higher: 5 Ways a Bespoke CRM Can Help Your Small Business to Grow

Despite what you might have heard on the grapevine, a bespoke CRM isn’t just for larger, more established businesses. Yes, it has its place amongst the biggest and the best, but the bespoke CRM is more than suitable for small businesses too. What’s more, smaller businesses have an additional benefit in adopting a bespoke CRM: the tool encourages growth from an early stage.

Keep reading to find out how!


1. Never Too Soon for Data 

Data has become more important than ever in the business world, dictating what customers want, where finances are going, and keeping a record of everything that happens behind closed doors. Starting to collect data and use it more seriously early on in your business’ life is even more beneficial than adopting it later, as you’ll be feeding your CRM over a longer period of time. With that additional information, decisions can be more easily made, campaigns can run more smoothly, and your business can compete with the best of them. It also brings us neatly to our next point.


2. Go In-Depth 

Inputting data into your bespoke CRM is no good if you haven’t got an easy and accessible method for viewing said data or reporting on it. With a bespoke CRM’s intelligent reporting system, it becomes possible for small businesses to take real-time snapshots of performance, and draw up detailed reports, all without using up massive amounts of time. From here, you can steer the business in the right direction – and towards better growth decisions.


3. Great Workflows from Day One

How your business runs day-to-day will affect how it grows, with crowded workflows slowing down productivity dramatically. Rather than competing with complicated processes and time wasted on arbitrary tasks, it’s possible to use a bespoke CRM from day one to ensure that processes are running efficiently straight away. This allows you to focus on delivering an exceptional service and generating leads for the business, rather than the usual admin that plagues small businesses.


4. Third Party Integration

A bespoke CRM might not necessarily have everything you need, but that’s OK – Lunar’s bespoke solution comes with comprehensive third party integration, allowing users to tap into additional resources to encourage business growth. Rather than stick with one tool, you can access many, opening up whole worlds of possibility and minimising the disruption that comes with changing systems.


5. Become Serious Competition

All of the benefits mentioned above mean that the bespoke CRM has given you something that can’t be bought: a competitive edge. Now, your small business is able to seriously compete with others in the same field, as well as more prevalent names. Keep staying ahead of the curve and surpassing the competition, and you’ll be growing successfully in no time at all!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a small business with bigger ambitions, a bespoke CRM could be exactly what you need to kick start growth. To find out more or to book your free demo, get in touch with the Lunar team today.