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Keep You Compliant

December 2015

Finding Your Way onto Santa’s Good List: How a Bespoke CRM Can Keep You Compliant in 2016

December is officially here, which means that (almost) everyone is on their best behaviour ahead of Santa Claus’ visit. For kids this is a simple affair, and just means keeping their bedrooms tidied and no back-chatting. But for many businesses to stay off the big guy’s naughty list (not to mention saving face with the law), it’s all about the complicated world of staying compliant.

Compliance is an essential part of working in industries such as insurance, banking and mortgages, and it’s a useful way for making sure that everyone is on the same page, operating legally and for the benefit of their customers. It’s not always a simple process, but a bespoke CRM could be exactly the stocking filler you need to be compliant in 2016 – you’ve just got to believe!


Keeping Reporting Clear

If you’re in any of the industries we listed above, then you’ll probably be aware of reporting as a staple for remaining compliant. Essentially, the business is trying to cover every base by providing detailed reports that clearly show compliant operations. Whereas these reports are a great tool in proving compliance, the problem is the time, energy and attention they take away from your team’s other work – especially when reports are needed regularly or at the drop of a hat.

That’s why CRM tools are so often coveted by businesses in compliance-heavy industries – the reporting feature will always trump actual human resources. Unfortunately, with many off the shelf solutions, it’s still not always possible to generate the depth required to keep your business on the right side of the law (and off Santa’s naughty list). A bespoke CRM, however, can be attuned to the industry compliance guidelines you’re being held to, and can continuously prepare reports in the background whilst your team gets on with doing a great job. The level of detail available also makes for a celebration, because you can be sure there’s always the right information and enough of it available to keep the relevant bodies happy.


Leave it to the System

For our mortgage industry clients, we found that one feature in particular has become overwhelmingly popular: system-generated documents. Keeping your paperwork in order is absolutely essential in maintaining compliance, and even just one botched form can lead to trouble. For our these clients, we’ve built a number of bespoke CRM systems that create forms, letters and Key Feature Documents without human interference, allowing for the despatching of clear, compliant and trackable paperwork every single time.

On top of this, Team Lunar has also included a feature whereby system-generated forms can only be pre-populated from the CRM itself, which has been seen as a key tactic in ensuring our clients remain compliant with government regulations. In essence, automating processes and taking the responsibility for maintaining compliance out of the hands of your employees could have a profound effect on keeping your business in line with regulations and guidelines – it’s a simple and effective strategy, and it’s easily achievable with a good ol’ bespoke CRM tool.


So, are you desperate to be on Santa’s good list now? Hoping to achieve that through keeping your firm compliant? Great! Get in touch with Team Lunar to arrange a free demo of the bespoke CRM that will shape your New Year, and let’s make some Christmas magic.