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Keep Your Team Close

March 2016

Keep Your Team Close: How You Can Look After Staff Better with a Bespoke CRM

Throughout our blog, we’ve regularly talked about how a bespoke CRM solution can help your business, your customers and even your bottom line – but what about the people who make your organisation what it is? How can a piece of software, tailored to your business and its culture, help you and your managers to look after staff? Well, Team Lunar is all about working together, so we thought we’d give you the tour of how it works. Enjoy!


Bring them Closer to Each Other

The joy of a bespoke CRM comes from the way it incorporates solutions to the challenges your business faces, all the while reflecting the culture and brand that’s taken you years to develop. One of these challenges we find to be more prominent in the eyes of our clients than others, and that’s the lack of connectivity between team members.

Often, with traditional CRMs or off-the-shelf solutions, the software is installed onto individual computers and information is shared manually or on a need to know basis. Essentially, there are barriers between each user. With Cloud-based capabilities, however, we’ve been able to dissolve those barriers, enabling users to share information and communicate with each other wherever they are.

The result is a team which feels like a team: even remote workers can be included because the CRM is in the Cloud, accessible from anywhere at any time. Similarly, a sick team member who has to work from home no longer has to feel isolated from their colleagues just because they’re not in the office. Best of all, every piece of data they need access to is available to them, 24/7 from any device.


Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

CRMs thrive on data – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. And what we’ve found with a lot of our clients is that they use this data to help improve their teams and build upon individual skills. By analysing where particular successes come from and communicating with employees, it becomes possible to identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, providing managers and employers with a unique opportunity to continually improve their workforce.

Additionally, being able to measure an employee’s strengths and weaknesses allows for changes in the business’ structure – to its advantage. For example, if it becomes apparent through monthly reports that one employee has more success with calls than with other aspects of their work, it’s worth having a conversation with said employee about positioning them in a call-focused area of the business. Not only does this play to their strengths, but it also limits staff turnover and helps the business to grow successfully.


Provide Goals to Aim for Together

Having this mass of data to work from and analyse also gives managers some steering power. Teams are most effective when they get along with each other and they’re working towards a shared goal – something that’s achievable with a bespoke CRM tool. By measuring how the business is doing and where it ideally needs to be based on data you’ve collected and automated CRM reports, users can create shared goals and aspirations for their team to work on.

By providing this singular focus, you’ll find that staff are happier, more driven and enjoy greater productivity – all the while building on their teamwork skills by ensuring that they all succeed together as an organisation, rather than as an individual.

All in all, a bespoke CRM isn’t just about the bells and whistles it comes with, but the good it can do for your team and your business. By removing barriers and focusing on what can be achieved together, you’ll quickly find a bespoke CRM solution is exactly what your team needed after all.

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