Keeping in Touch

July 2015

Keeping in Touch: How CRMs Solutions Can Benefit Your Communications Strategy

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping in touch with your clients is an essential part of your day-to-day professional life. Without doing so, you might lose their trust, miss important opportunities, or forget to follow up on important stages of their engagement with you. That’s why businesses use a communications strategy to ensure their customers are being kept in touch with, but is there a way to make such a strategy even better? The answer is, of course, a big yes!


What’s in a Communications Strategy?

Communications strategies usually consist of a set of milestones to indicate when customers need to be contacted and what that communication involves; these milestones could be the approaching end to a contract, for example. These stages could be standardised to every customer, covering an on-boarding process all the way to parting ways, or it could be based around different customer segments. Either way, the strategy is a process that manages to keep the business and its teams all on the same page.


How Can a CRM Help?

Some may say ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t assess how your communications strategy is doing in order to improve on it. The most effective way of improving on communications is by bringing a CRM tool into the mix. CRMs have the ability to automate practically the entire process by using templates and sending out pre-decided emails to customers, as well as providing notifications to team members to tell them it’s time to pick up the phone. A CRM solution monitors each customer’s journey and at which stage they’re currently at, allowing for optimal communications. Neat, right?


What Benefits Does This Bring?

Obviously, the automation of a process brings about a myriad of benefits – this hasn’t changed since the industrial revolution! When allowing a CRM to undertake the communications strategy and its processes, teams are finding their time freed up greatly. On top of this, with an automated system, it’s almost impossible to miss a stage of the strategy, and your customers are kept in the loop at all times. You’ll also find fewer customers are lost in the cracks and forgotten about, bringing about a quick ROI.


How Does Lunar CRM’s Solution Work?

Our bespoke CRM tool is fine-tuned to each important step in a client’s communications strategy, and monitors whether or not customers require a chaser email before automatically sending one out. This can prevent service drop off and helps your customers to remember they need to follow up with you. What’s more, with our new SMS feature, customers can receive a message to their phones should an email remain un-responded to. With this feature, we can remove any worry over an incorrect email being submitted, and replies come straight back to our clients via the CRM – so no need to fumble with a work mobile. When it comes to keeping in touch, there really is no better way!


Looking to strengthen your communications strategy with a CRM built for your business’ needs? Get in touch with Lunar CRM for a demo of our latest bespoke CRM tool, and see the difference for yourself!