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Keeping Safe

August 2020

Keeping Safe: 3 Methods to Keep Your CRM Data Safe

Safety has, or should have been, everyone’s top priority this year. That includes keeping your data safe, particularly with so many people accessing your business remotely as they work from home.

With access to customers’ data and confidential information, such as card details and addresses, comes great responsibility. You, and your team, need to ensure that data remains safe. That’s why the Lunar Team have put together this list of methods to help you keep your customers’ data safe and sound…


1. You Can Never Back Up Too Often

Not all threats come from malicious sources. Whereas businesses can suffer from hackers attacking their systems, data loss can just as easily happen because of an accident or a natural disaster, such as a flood (it doesn’t even have to be as drastic as an earthquake).

Ensuring your CRM’s data is constantly backed up is the first step you can take to help maintain peace of mind for you and your customers. Ensure nothing is left to chance and that updates take place on a regular basis – believe us when we say you really can’t do it too often!

At Lunar CRM, our bespoke solutions are offered with continual back-ups as standard. For our clients, it’s a great weight lifted off their shoulders – they can be confident that their customers’ data is safe, and instead focus on delivering a great service.


2. Move to a Reliable Cloud Host

Hosting a CRM on location can be a costly affair and sometimes leads to even costlier mistakes should disaster strike. In recent years, the Cloud has gained popularity for taking that hassle out of the lives of thousands of businesses across the world.

As well as opening up CRM solutions to mass collaboration, Cloud hosting also allows for operational consistency thanks to very rare downtime. The Lunar Team, for example, work hard to give our clients around the clock uptime on our Cloud hosting servers – meaning that no matter where they are or what time it is, they can be working on the same system they’d use on a normal day in the office.


3. Secure Your Devices

Of course the frontline in protecting your CRM and its data is employing proper measures on your team’s computers, as well as any other devices they use to access your current CRM solution.

Although uncommon in industries such as insurance and customer service, the ‘bring your own device’ phenomenon has led to some tricky hurdles for business owners to overcome. As such devices – despite being personally owned – are used solely for work, the company is liable for ensuring that proper security measures have been implemented. This includes standard firewalls and antivirues, as well as heavier measures such as SSL encryption. Although it may seem like overkill, when your customers’ sensitive data is at risk, you really can’t be too careful.


Where Can I Find a Solution Which Addresses All of These Points?

If you want to worry less and focus instead on leading your business to success, consider introducing a bespoke CRM solution into your organisation. The bespoke Lunar CRM solution is constantly backed up, frequently updated, hosted securely on the Cloud, and has the entire Lunar Team keeping a watchful eye on security and safety.

What are you waiting for? Take your CRM to the next level with a secure solution tailored to your business. Simply get in touch to request a demo or to find out more.