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Leave the Papercuts Behind

October 2015

Leave the Papercuts Behind: 8 Reasons You Should Go Digital with a Cloud CRM

Picture this: an office without a dozen filing cabinets, no more dusty servers and an end to the days of multiple sheets of paper cluttering your desk. No, this isn’t an impossibility – in fact, it’s very much possible with the use of a Cloud-based CRM. But why would you want to swap hard copies for something more digital? We’ll tell you why!


1. Think of the Environment

This is perhaps the most obvious thing that we’re getting at here. Having reams of paper files was all well and good in the past when we had no idea of the damage we were doing to the environment, but now there’s no excuse; businesses are often judged on their carbon footprints and the effect they’re having on the planet. Environmental awareness is really a basic requirement these days.


2. Easier to manage

Filing is a nightmare and only a small percentage of people actually enjoy it. So why not save the majority of your workforce the nightmare of this task, as well as reducing time spent on keeping paper documents up to date? Using a Cloud-based CRM tool, information can be updated more efficiently and faster than ever before – free from paper cuts, misplaced information and frustration.


3. Easier to share

The Cloud has allowed us to make the workplace a far more connected environment, with team members collaborating from home, on the go or even while abroad. Rather than having access to only one hard copy filed away in the office, why not promote information sharing instead and open your team’s potential up further?


4. Customers are Looked After Better

With shared information digitally stored on the Cloud, teams can look after customers with a much higher success rate – everyone can be updated on a customer’s situation, offering a personalised and tailored service. On top of that, outreach to customers is far easier when you can send an email with a click of a button, rather than relying on Royal Mail to send letters and documents


5. No More Physical Storage

If you already have a CRM but it’s stored on a server in your office, you can still benefit from the Cloud upgrade. Let’s face it: those servers are a nuisance to maintain, they’re a bit loud and they gather dust rather quickly – all whilst clogging up a corner of the office. Unshackle your CRM from its physical limitations and take it to the Cloud for a faster, more reliable service (and a lot more space).


6. Free Yourself from Server Fees

By getting rid of those servers you’re not just freeing up room: you’re freeing up expenditure too! Server maintenance costs are a pain, and don’t even include regular electricity and the price of updating on a regular basis. Cloud systems, on the other hand, are automatically updated without charge and need no maintenance costs from you.


7. Productivity, Productivity, Productivity

If nothing else, Cloud-based CRM tools offer a greater amount of productivity to come from your team. As we’ve said above, they all have the ability to share information and time is saved on physical filing – the over-arching benefit from this is the increase in time available to invest in other projects and work. Along with smoother processes, your team’s productivity will fly!


8. No Damaged Files

If something should happen – such as a fire, flood or theft – to your servers or paper files, you’re pretty much helpless. Our Cloud CRM solution, however, is constantly backed up, and is far out of the reach of such disasters, much to the relief of our clients (people sleep a lot better at night).

Have we convinced you to ditch the A4 paper for something a bit more up to date and green? We hope so: your team (and the planet) will thank us!


Ready to ditch the paper and head on up to the Cloud for a better CRM solution? Get in touch with Lunar to request a free demo – you’ll never go back!