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Leaving No One Out

September 2015

Leaving No One Out: Lunar’s Unique Recipe for Catering CRMs to Everyone

At Lunar CRM we really don’t like the thought of anyone being left out – it’s an important value of ours! As a team that makes bespoke solutions for businesses, this fits perfectly with the job as we know that we can offer something truly unique to everyone, with a tool that takes care of an entire business and its needs. We also believe in sharing, which is why we thought we’d let you in on our secret recipe for inclusion. Enjoy!


A Big Dollop of Getting to Know You

The starting point of any bespoke CRM project is getting to know your business, your team and all the requirements you have for an effective CRM tool. Without properly talking to you and understanding what it is you’re all about, we wouldn’t be able to create a solution that fits you as effectively as we know our final product will.


A Sprinkle of the Unique

A mistake that so many businesses make is to believe that they’re too unusual to benefit from a bespoke CRM tool – this really isn’t true. We acknowledge that businesses of all shapes, sizes and types need a CRM to help them do a great job, and it’s that little unique spark that makes all the difference. And if you ever think you’re too unique, remember we’ve dealt with couriers, PPI claim firms, pensions and even funeral plans for the living. We can definitely cater to you.


A Hint of the Unknown

We’ve come across some businesses before who know they want a CRM, but aren’t sure about what they want from it. In most cases, they don’t have an effective example to give that they know of – and that’s not a problem! The Lunar team are happy to hold discussions with clients to plan out the features that will be of most use to them. After all, this is a bespoke CRM that’s totally unique to you – no example needed!


A Plethora of Plugins

Different clients are used to different features and tools, and often they want to bring those tools over to their new CRM. You’ll be pleased to know that that’s generally not a problem! The Lunar team are plugin experts and can easily help clients to add extra value to their CRMs with bolted on tools and expanded features. All tastes are catered for at Lunar!


A Whole Lot of Lunar

Making bespoke CRM solutions is kind of our ‘thing’ and the Lunar team are all experts in putting together bespoke tools that help our clients to achieve their goals and assist in corporate strategies. We’ll be with you every step of the way, sharing our expert knowledge and experience, and offering advice from day one. The result? A truly bespoke CRM experience suitable for every business no matter how unique!


Wasn’t that tasty? Tuck into a bespoke CRM experience like no other with Lunar CRM – get in touch and let’s cook up a solution just for you!