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Look to the Sky: Why Your CRM Should be in the Cloud

July 2015

Look to the Sky: Why Your CRM Should be in the Cloud

The popularity of the Cloud has exploded in recent years due to the convenience it brings to businesses and internet users across the globe. In particular, the Cloud has been used to revamp existing technologies and tools to give them better value and a renewed purpose. This week, we’re looking at why the Cloud is such a great place to take your CRM – and how looking to the sky could be benefiting your business.


Save Yourself Some Money

Straight off the bat, let’s talk money. The costs involved with traditional CRMs usually include things such as onsite server storage for data or the up-front charge for specialist software that’s mandatory for every user. These costs add up and can quickly see your CRM investment become an accounting nightmare. Opting to take your CRM to the Cloud means all storage is offsite and all you’ll ever need is a login to access everything. Much better value for money!


The Cloud is More Reliable

With traditional CRMs, installing special software onto a machine means that if something happens to the computer, you’re going to have to fork out all over again. On top of the cost, you’ll also have lost your valuable data. If hosted properly, Cloud CRMs can run with 99.9% uptime and with data back-up, making the process far less stressful. With the added benefit of the tool not being on any one single machine, you’ll find investing in the Cloud a far safer option.


Connectivity at its Best

Remote working has become more and more common in businesses around the world, with technology developed to accommodate this change in work style. With a Cloud-based CRM, every team member has access remotely to the data at the heart of your business, allowing for work to be done whilst away from the office. But it’s not just those on the move that are benefiting: this enhanced connectivity of Cloud CRMs are also allowing teams to share information with each other, keeping everybody moving towards the same goals.


Add-Ons Galore

A much-loved trait of Cloud-based tools is the availability of new features and add-ons, allowing for an enhanced, more bespoke experience. This is no different for CRMs and businesses who use a Cloud-based solution often feel they’re getting more for their money. Not only that, but in some cases, software you’re unwilling to get rid can be connected to the CRM, enabling teams to save time and money on training, all the while centralising processes and solutions.


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