Looking After the People Who Count

July 2016

Looking After the People Who Count: How Customers Benefit from Your Choice of CRM

As you can probably tell from our other blogs, we’re big fans of choosing a bespoke solution for your business – and we often highlight the benefits to your team, your bottom line and your company’s overall growth. But in business, the most important individuals are arguably customers – so what advantage does your choice of CRM have for them? Well, we’ll tell you!


It’s All in the Name

Although they can now do a whole plethora of amazing things, such as managing workflow and facilitating remote working, CRMs are still at their core aimed at developing and maintaining a brand’s relationship with its customers. It really is all in the name – Customer Relationship Management – and so it makes sense for customers to be among those benefitting from adopting such a solution.

Traditionally, a CRM could help businesses to stay in touch and keep up to date with their customers, always at arm’s length. Thankfully, we’ve evolved to a place now where bespoke CRM solutions can close the remaining gap between brand and customer by introducing the capabilities to more adequately stay in touch. Now, bespoke CRM users can send text messages directly to customers to prompt action, or they can ensure that all records are up to date so that no matter who they speak to on the team, everybody understands the customer’s story.


You Do Well, They Do Well

It’s not just the direct relationship between a business and its customers which passes on the benefits of such a solution. A bespoke CRM’s Cloud capabilities can effectively unlock a team’s potential to do more and go the extra mile – and that’s got more than a few advantages for customers to get excited about.

Smoother workflows – thanks to a bespoke CRM’s integration abilities and inbuilt features – means better efficiency when dealing with queries and delivering service; in turn, these make for a much more pleasant experience, and happier customers to boot. Additionally, with unfettered access to key data and reports, companies can make better decisions for themselves and their customers, offering advice and guidance which will work for all involved.


Be the Most Reliable

Bespoke CRMs live and breathe on the Cloud, making them a lot more resilient to downtime or hardware malfunctions. As a result, businesses who have adopted a tailored solution can feel confident knowing that their service is as reliable as it can possibly be, with 99% uptime. And because the data all rests in the Cloud, individuals can access it no matter where they are in the world – or what time it is.

The result for customers? They have the peace of mind knowing that you’re contactable when they need to reach you most, and that their data is sitting safe and sound on the Cloud, and not lost due to server damage or software malfunctions. When you’re reliable, they’re happy – it’s that simple!

Isn’t it about time you passed on the benefits of a bespoke CRM to your customers? Simply get in touch and let’s organise a free demo!