Looking Ahead

February 2022

Looking Ahead: The Future of Content Marketing

Times are changing rapidly, and with them the landscape of content marketing is changing too. At Lunar we’re aware of how important developing strong content is when it comes to raising brand awareness and developing a marketing strategy.

When done right, content marketing drives demand and revenue for your business. So we want to make sure you’re keeping these key points in mind when developing your content strategy, so you can join the future of content marketing…


Authority on Your Topic

When it comes to developing content, a lot of brands will cast their net as wide as possible to reach many audiences. Yet how well do they actually know about the topics they’re speaking about?

When it comes to SEO, many of us have taken an approach of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s a tried and true method, but moving forward Google will be placing more value in topical authority and expertise than keyword research and link backlinking.

So how do you demonstrate that authority in a meaningful way? Research and develop long-form content for your website, put your blog to good use and demonstrate your knowledge in your particular area of expertise. Build around these pieces of long form content, rather than publishing content just for the sake of staying active and relevant. It can’t help to collaborate with other experts on your subject either, pooling your knowledge and positioning yourselves authorities on your topic.


Deliver Value to Your Audience

How often have your been on the receiving end of what can only be described as spam e-mails because a brand gated their content unless you were willing to give them contact details? For a long time this has been a popular content marketing strategy – develop an under-researched e-book and lock it off to anyone that isn’t willing to become part of your mailing list.

However, customers are constantly being asked to give up contact details for more information and it’s starting to wear thin. Audiences are, rightly so, becoming choosier with which brands they’ll give their attention to.

So how do you deliver value to your audience? With all the data you’ve gathered so far, you’ll have insights on who your audience is and more importantly what they want. Develop content around that data, show your audience why your brand is worth interacting with. You can show your audience what your products do generally, and sure that’s great, or you can go deeper – demonstrate how your products can solve the specific problems your audience experiences. Use the data you have to determine what those issues are, publish case studies that demonstrate how you’ve solved customer problems.


Be Human

It sounds simple at the end of the day, but your audience likely sees your brand as just that – a brand. You need to the humanity behind your brand, show them who you are and why you care about solving their problems.

As machine learning and AI generated content continue to flood your audience’s social media feeds, you need to stand out with content that’s relatable on a human level.

So how can you show your humanity through brand content? Being unique in your approach is definitely easier said than done, but it’s possible. Show your audience who’s behind the brand, don’t be afraid to make content that actually features you – yes, you the person behind the brand. Why did you the start the brand? What problems were you hoping to solve and how did you overcome them? This not only shows your audience that you understand their problems and how to help them, you’re showing them that you’ve been there yourself. A little relatability goes a long way when it comes to engaging with your audience.

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