Looking Up

April 2019

Looking Up: Why You CRM Should Be in the Cloud

In 2019 more and more businesses are ditching off-the-shelf, hard-install CRM solutions. Instead, businesses are embracing the convenience of Cloud-based solutions, and it’s easy to see why. The Cloud allows you easy access to your business on the go, saving you both time and money in the long run. If you’ve not already taken to The Cloud for your CRM solution, here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider taking the leap.


The Cloud Cuts Costs

For any business, saving money is easily the most tantalising prospect – after all money keeps the lights on. Lucky for you, a Cloud-based CRM solution will help keep the costs of running your business down. With an installed system you’d traditionally need on-site servers, storage and all that over expensive stuff. With a Cloud-based system, you’ll be using powerful off-site servers rather than your own, and everything is stored securely with back-ups so you don’t need to worry about your data.


The Cloud is Backed-Up

The risk with hosting your own data on your own servers means that if anything ever goes wrong, you run the risk of losing that data. Alternatively you’ll have to pay a large sum to get that data, and your server, restored. So keeping your data stored safely in the Cloud means that it’s always there, with back-ups at the ready in the very slim chance that anything does go wrong. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your own back ups for peace of mind, but the Cloud will ensure if anything ever happens on your end your data and your business will still be safe.


The Cloud Keeps You Connected

Cloud coverage means you can be connected wherever you are in the world (well, almost anywhere, you might struggle underground if there’s no Wi-Fi). This means that you can have access to your business at any time with an internet enabled device, and the same goes for your team. With the popularity of remote working only growing, a Cloud-based CRM is going to be an incredibly valuable tool. It’s also a great money saver in this regard too, you can limit office time or forego an office entirely to keep down your outgoings.


The Cloud is Custom

You business isn’t rigid, it’s ever changing and growing, requiring new and dynamic tools to keep up with demand. So you why would you want a rigid CRM solution? A much-loved trait of Cloud-based tools is the availability of new features and add-ons, allowing for an enhanced, more bespoke experience. To top it off if you’ve already got existing software that you can’t bring yourself to let go of, just connect it to your cloud-based CRM. That way you can keep everything centralised and a little easier for your team. All of this means you’re getting much more value for your money, by streamlining operations and only paying for features you’re actually going to use.

Interested in what a Cloud-based CRM could do for you? Get in touch with Lunar CRM for a demo of our latest bespoke CRM tool, and see the difference for yourself!