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Lost Opportunities

August 2015

Lost Opportunities: Are You Following Up On Your Customers?

We've had a lot of businesses tell us their organisational problems – it helps to get it off their chests, and it helps us to figure out what solution would best fit them. One of the most common problems to occur is 'our team's not following up on clients and we feel we're losing opportunities because of it'. If this sounds like something you've thought recently, then you're right: you are losing out on opportunities, but there's a solution!


Why Follow Up On Customers?

The answer to this is so simple and we've already touched upon it above: opportunity. It's easy to assume that a customer is with you for the services you offer, based on what you know about them or what they've told you. From these needs, you may have pitched a services package or made some suggestions and that's great – you got a sale. But by following up on their experiences with that service (or product), finding out how their lives are different now, and by keeping tabs on new needs they have, you'll be creating fantastic new opportunities to sell your services to said customer in a good ol' fashioned upsell.


How Should You Go About it?

Again, this really isn't difficult to answer, but so many businesses miss the point – mainly because of the time involved with such activities. Following up on a customer need only take a quick phone call or an emailed survey, and with the information you get back you'll be able to create those opportunities we spoke about. On top of new and retained business, this will also serve you well in terms of reputation and customer rapport; at last, they're dealing with a company that cares about them.


How Can a CRM Help?

Time is the main factor in following up with customers – even if you have a full time business development manager or a team ready to get in touch, the rigmarole of scheduling in calls, creating surveys, collating data and keeping tabs on every customer can get the business majorly bogged down.

The solution is – as with most organisational dilemmas – a CRM. If you've chosen the right CRM for your business (bespoke all the way) then you'll find you've got a tool that can take all of the time and pain out of keeping in touch with customers. Automated follow up emails, scheduled call dates and a fantastic reporting package are all you really need to be able to understand where your customers are now, how far they've travelled and where they're looking to go next. From there, your team can factor in what new services to offer, as well as how extra value can be added.

It really is as simple as all that. When it all comes down to it, your customers are your main source of income – and if they feel you care about their needs, they'll continue to be loyal and more than willing to be upsold to. See: simple!


Interested in adding a bespoke CRM to your organisational arsenal? Great! Get in touch with Lunar CRM and let's talk about taking your sales strategy out of this world.